Starting to work out the details of a commenting system for @write_as / . Core ideas:

- Public or private replies
- Necessary friction for the comment-writer from @matt

We'll build this in stages, starting with private replies -- easy, since it's just using email.

Then we'll do public replies, where you can only reply with a account. Keeping it limited to our platform will make it easier to get the UX right. But it'll use underneath everything.

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Along the way, we'll build the admin side for the article author, which will let them see replies they've received in the fediverse. Then at some point we'll accept Webmentions and surface them there, too.

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@matt Good thing I know you well enough to know that limiting it to your platform only is not a bait with an empty federation promise ✌️.
Good luck, I'm looking forward to whatever comes out of it.

@schmittlauch I appreciate it 🙏 One thing I hope comes out of it is a nicer user experience for interacting across instances, like I've talked about before (

I'll keep writing about it and sharing code as it gets stable.

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