Getting reports from people in Indonesia that they're unable to access Things look fine from where we are, but they're getting this error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

Anyone have experience verifying if this is indeed censorship happening, and if so, working around it? Retoots appreciated!

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@selea Yep, and we're still seeing some traffic from there. But probably most of our active users are there -- very odd to see so many reports.


Have you considering enablind DNSSEC on the domain btw?

@selea Definitely looks like something we should do. Will probably just need to switch DNS providers, since it doesn't look like our current one supports it


Awesome :)
I am pretty sure that some of the Librehosters ( offer it :)

@matt users can try to switch the DNS server they are connecting to, eg. Google DNS (

@matt get their DNS server settings and use dig to verify.

Dig @

As an example using Google DNS. If they have poisoned the tree, you'll come up missing or it'll be different results than you think.

You could try adding dnssec to prevent this but that can be hit/miss as well in my experience. Depends on if the down tree consumer respects dnssec properties.

Good luck

@matt find out what dns servers they're using and also verify that using Google dns and works

@matt You can try to test the reachability via, they have probes all around the globe.

@schmittlauch I did try that, but was only able to test from my location... Couldn't figure out how to do it from around the world.

@matt I tried with a VPN locates in Indonesia but it worked fine for me 🤷‍♂️

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