New idea for : linked mention support for non- platforms like Twitter.

This is a common pattern you see in the : "RT". Of course, Twitter doesn't speak AP. But why not at least bridge the gap for users and link to the profile?

Those are my ideas behind this latest pull request:

The other part is trying to normalize the @handle@instance.tld syntax with everyday users. Everyone knows how to mention "@handle". This could be a gentle way to introduce them to the idea that a "@handle" can exist on different sites.

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@matt there is a workaround for now at least, with It provides a pseudo-bridge, so you can at least reference Twitter users in an AP friendly way.

Still would be nicer if more sites actually federated instead.

@coldacid For sure, that definitely works for certain situations. Here I mostly wanted to address the need to quickly link to any social media account you might want to link to -- so the AP-friendliness wasn't a crucial part.

@matt I want to argue that bridges would be less likely to go stale than a hard-coded list of services to recognize, but then I realized those bridges would still have to be set up for every service that doesn't federate itself. *shrug*

@matt This feature I would love to have on the fedi as a whole!

I'm thinking as an artist here, but being able to say, for example, "Photo refence by @/X @/Flickr " or "commission for @/X @/Deviantart ". I saw it implemented once and I thought it was pretty nifty.

@guephren Definitely! Where did you see it implemented before?

Now that you mention it, there could be a case for supporting those sites here too -- no need to limit ourselves to blogging / microblogging platforms.

@matt It was a while ago but I remember it being @asonix who had that feature. :)

I'd be easier to link to other accounts like that, even if it's just for our convenience.

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