Are there any blog commenting systems made for different kinds of conversations? E.g. "I enjoyed this." vs. "Could you clarify?" vs. "Here's an essay on why you're wrong..."

I feel like all systems are just a variation on: "here's a text box, and here's everything anyone has entered into it in relation to this post." (Decentralized version only adds: "here's what people said elsewhere.")

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Social media has shown the need for different kinds of interactions around content online. But "likes" are cheap and poisonous, chat isn't connected to content, and all platforms still stop at: "here's all the replies" 🤷

@matt what about Shadowbanning ? What does that say about the concept of "interacting via social media "

@matt I remember talking about it at least twice. Likes can be good for conveying an agreement, acknowledgement or thanks.

But then, back in the days when there was only LiveJournal, we managed to have long conversations in the comments. It was much more social than Twitter. It was much better fit to make new friends.

Also emails. :) I loved it. It's a shame it's now completely gone to make way to messengers. Which are good, but...

@SeventhMagpie Absolutely! This is kind of what I'm getting at, all the different ways commenting can be used. I want to make something that fits each situation: a way to say "thanks" / acknowledge a post, a way to start a large conversation, a way to have a private one (maybe literally using email!).

@matt I really like the idea of being able to separate different kinds of conversations in commenting systems; I'm glad you brought it up. Merely being able to e.g. sort by comment length or presence of links would be helpful.

In particular I've often wished I could see a random selection of comments (either purely random or after passing a customized filter I could set, e.g. >100 words) instead of having to sort by some characteristic or having to wade through entire threads.

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