Here are some thoughts on @write_as features like email subscriptions that haven't made it into yet, the modular product design we're aiming for, and how we're trying to keep WF accessible to writers around the world.

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@matt @write_as the only feature I've heard about that I'm really missing in my install of #WriteFreely is the signature feature so I don't have to write my same ending each time...

Some other things sound cool sure but this is the one thing I truly wish for

@mgrondin Great to know! You'll see that in the next release 🙂 (Merged here:

And yeah, as I mentioned in the post, user demand is a big factor in what features we prioritize -- we just haven't heard much for newsletters so far.


Thanks for the reply @matt I did see that. After my post i went looking as i knew it was a coming.

Like i said for me personally that's the biggest thing at this point.

The other thing would be the file upload feature that i also see is coming. Other than that for me #WriteFreely is a great experience to use.

I can see why some other features(Like the improved editor) are required to make it a more appealing platform for the less technical(non admin) users.


@matt @write_as email subscriptions sound interesting, so +1 for when that is ready.

@matt @write_as It does appear that the software trips up if I put an underscore in a tag so #Write_As fails to render properly. Not sure if I am actually meant to do that. Anyone else have that issue ? Numbers seem to trip up too e.g #2020

Thanks for taking the time to answer such questions. Interaction/communication is part of why I purchased the pro 5 year package.

@sexybiggetje Glad to hear that, and I really appreciate you supporting us / the project!


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