Thinking of finally investing in a decent desktop computer, and looking at the Thelio from System76. Anyone have any experience with it or other recommendations?

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I'll primarily use it for software development (writing Go, using Goland for an IDE), and routinely keeping 50+ tabs open in Chrome. Then there's just email, and Slack, which practically demands a dedicated machine right now.

On occasion, I'm doing image processing and video editing, plus some very casual gaming. So not a ton of graphics needs, though I'd like it to be snappy when I'm doing this work.

Not with them, but I'm a proud @tuxedocomputers user, and they do sell desktops.

If you already made up your mind about the brand, I'm sorry for spamming another vendor :)

@sexybiggetje @tuxedocomputers No I appreciate it! Interested in all options at this point :) I'll definitely check them out too.

@matt Well, I year ago I installed Pop OS on my 10 year old laptop and it worked well enough. It would be awesome on a new computer.

@dusiehstgutaus Good to know! I did go with Pop on one of their machines, so I'm excited to try it out!

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