Working on a small tool to generate an image from a bit of text, made especially for any WriteFreely-based blog.

Basically, you'll use this to highlight something you wrote along with your blog URL, so you can then share it to Pixelfed or Instagram.

@mrb @jordisalvia Awesome! Mentioned elsewhere, but I plan on adding a web interface / API next.

If you have any thoughts on what would help out your use case, I'm all ears!

This sounds and looks really cool. I see you set the site to 900x900px which is probably reasonable for the use case, but what would you say about making the size configurable?

@paul Thanks! Yep, that's on my list -- I think it'd be worth supporting other social media formats. Any particular uses you had in mind for this?

@paul Just added support for configuring the size this morning!

Nice. ;)
I did not have specific case in mind, but for something like a banner image, wider than high, could be useful too

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