I'm glad the little side project I started in early 2015 has grown into something so many people and communities find useful -- and grateful I get to work on @write_as every day.

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@matt @write_as This is very cool. What do you think made the difference from it being a project that took off rather than not?

Appearing as a saving grace at a time where Medium were trying dark patterns and awkwardly make try to turn a profit for VCs, so many people were over the moon to leave.

Also, anonymous blogging and things I'm sure attracted others as well.

All that plus it just works. It lets you write and publish, and read. It doesn't try to be a social network. No claps or reacts etc.
@matt @write_as

@sammorrowdrums @justgage @write_as Yep, I think these aspects were all important. The privacy / no ads / no VC angle was really important to our earliest adopters, and then over time it was the simplicity that attracted people most.

Besides the product itself, I'd say the other most important aspect has been constantly keeping in touch with users -- they've really driven the roadmap since launching the initial MVP. That's what ensures we're always building something people actually want.

(On that note, I really appreciated all your recent feedback, @sammorrowdrums! I'll get back to you on it soon 🙂) @justgage @write_as

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