This is very odd... One of my instances says for an entire domain: "delivery is not available," while another Mastodon instance says the same domain can be delivered to. 🤔

Following doesn't work from the "domain undeliverable" Masto instance. I don't think there's any moderation-related reason this domain would be marked this way. So what would cause this? cc @Gargron

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Finding bugs is sometimes harder than solving them. 🤞🏻
Could it be something related to caching? DNS? CORS? MIME types?
(It might seem I'm adding random words and acronyms... Well, not so distant from truth, but might give you newer ideas to explore)

@matt Delivery unavailable = no more delivery attempts after 7 consecutive days of delivery failures

@Gargron Got it, that makes sense now! Thanks.

Any way to reset this state? Would be very helpful in the case of a faulty application / server.

@matt It resets if it receives anything from that server

@Gargron Oh perfect, that did it! Mentioned my Mastodon account from a WriteFreely post and it restored delivery.

Really appreciate the help!

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