Had a chat with about @writefreely, privacy, and removing roadblocks from our tools to help you write more.

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Site is borked on mobile, get some sort of static, unresponsive overlay.

@heywood Can you send a screenshot? I'll pass it on.

When pressing the tree dots.

Fennec (Firefox) on Android with Decentralize and uBlock.

@heywood Hmm, I can't view those photos 😕 Some permission issues it looks like?

Thanks for the heads up, perhaps this works? - Regular view - When pressing the three dots

@heywood Hope you got this fixed as it seems to work for me. Using Firefox on mobile.


@heywood Yep that worked, thanks! I'll send that to the people at Racket

Finally got to listen to the clip on my computer, some interesting topics. At the end you mentioned a new platform with more interaction and open standards, are you planning on supporting more than ActivityPub?

Thanks for sharing!

@heywood Great! Yeah the platform I was referring to is @remark_as, and ActivityPub will be the core standard it's built around. But it's also very possible we'll support WebMentions.

Were there other standards you had in mind?

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