Good to see Facebook being honest about their rebranding, at least.

(Made this for fun this weekend. Would love any feedback 🙂)

@matt is, uh, it intentional that I can't actually read any of the text because it's covered by giant images?

@balrogboogie Do you have Facebook URLs blocked? Some of the styles are hotlinked, I should fix that 😅

@matt I can't expand the "Explore" buttons under "Building the metaverse". I'm on Firefox.

@VincentTunru Yeah, didn't get around to figuring out how those worked, haha. Suppose I could remove them 🙂

I can't decide if "Discover all you can do in a world we control", or the links at the bottom under "Company" are the best part of this!

@matt it still uses Facebook DNS so it doesn't resolve, which is wonderful.

Will add to my domain dead zone just in case.

@masstransitkrow Heh, I didn't download all the external assets, I should fix that 😄

@matt CORS ate most of their stylesheets so this is an unusable mess

which i don't think was your intended message, but is also a pretty appropriate one

@matt not loading for me. College seems to have blocked it. Will investigate with their tech support. Screenshot?

@matt Doesn't seem to be loading for me at all, despite my lack of blockers on this device.

@matt Huh. It's working now. No change on my end AFAIK. Satisfying read, too!

@matt im not sure i understand the situation correctly, but as far as i know this is as much for legal reasons as it is for marketing. as i understand it, meta is a new legal entity, a parent company of facebook, turning whatsapp instagram etc into their sibling companies. now its not facebook cannibalising those companies, but meta, which has nothing to do with the agreements theyve made with whatsapp for example, saving them a lot of anti-trust lawsuits

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