Good to see Facebook being honest about their rebranding, at least.


(Made this for fun this weekend. Would love any feedback πŸ™‚)

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@matt is, uh, it intentional that I can't actually read any of the text because it's covered by giant images?

@balrogboogie Do you have Facebook URLs blocked? Some of the styles are hotlinked, I should fix that πŸ˜…

@matt I can't expand the "Explore" buttons under "Building the metaverse". I'm on Firefox.

@VincentTunru Yeah, didn't get around to figuring out how those worked, haha. Suppose I could remove them πŸ™‚

I can't decide if "Discover all you can do in a world we control", or the links at the bottom under "Company" are the best part of this!

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