Considering making some changes to the @write_as Free plan:

- A limit on overall number of posts
- Closing new Free registrations for a few months, to personally give me some breathing room

Would love to hear your thoughts on the forum:

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@sexybiggetje @write_as Overall I am, thanks for asking! But it's a lot of work in general, and I would definitely like to have more of a balance.

Balance is key. I've recently learned about Lagom, the Swedish art of Balance. Very interesting and basically it speaks for itself.


@sexybiggetje @write_as Nice, would love to read more about that too. I'll take a look!

@matt @write_as Thanks for the heads-up. Just got my free account open so I can get grandfathered in. But honestly, I've been meaning to try out the platform anyway and this was the kicker to get me to actually open the account.
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