My research project for the last few days has been honestly figuring out whether "Web 3.0" is anything to care / think about / pay attention to.

I've actually had some nice, level-headed discussions with people on 🐦 and we've concluded that its real-life applications are... financial things. That's about it.

It's not great for Web2 things like social media because... you can't actually delete anything.

Everything is a cryptographically linked list in Web3, and everything added to it is permanently enshrined there -- not just good things, but bad things: abuse, harassment, doxxing, etc. 🤨

@matt not being able to delete something could be a feature, in the right contexts. I just don’t think we’ve really found the right context yet (aside from financial applications).


@mike 100% agreed. Some folks talked about research papers and public datasets as use cases.

But yes the best application today seems to be finance. Which is great! I'm just not sure why "the future of the entire web" is supposed to be... finance 🙂

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