My research project for the last few days has been honestly figuring out whether "Web 3.0" is anything to care / think about / pay attention to.

I've actually had some nice, level-headed discussions with people on 🐦 and we've concluded that its real-life applications are... financial things. That's about it.

It's not great for Web2 things like social media because... you can't actually delete anything.

Everything is a cryptographically linked list in Web3, and everything added to it is permanently enshrined there -- not just good things, but bad things: abuse, harassment, doxxing, etc. 🤨


@raphael That's a good use case! And I especially like the idea of pairing it with something that would suffer from being on the blockchain, i.e. the fediverse.

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@matt yes! I think that having the identities on the blockchain is enough, actual content should be out of it.

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