I’m thinking about ways to give @write_as customers ownership in the platform. I think something like a customer co-op model would really solidify the idea that we’re aligning incentives between platform and users.

Not sure where to start with that, though.


I’m imagining it would involve things like dividends for members, but also the chance to vote on certain issues. It's open, what those would be — not sure what would matter most to customers.

Considering our tiny size, it’d have to be manageable in the early days especially.

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Interesting idea. Might not want to start with a legal cooperative, just figure out how you want all of the people who are involved with write.as to be engaged and maybe how to be involved differently than they are now.

Those aspects are more important than the legal formalities, especially stuff like dividends. (Or so I think...)

Might also fit your tiny size and worries about managing the org.

@bhaugen That's a great point. So maybe just coming up with a "membership," and putting things together that people can decide on, to start?

I'm not an expert in organizing a cooperative. Somebody sent me this link awhile ago, because we are thinking along similar lines: co-oplaw.org/

Several other people in social.coop have experience in starting cooperatives. They might have more advice.

But I would think figuring out who might be possible members, proposing some kind of co-op, and getting them into a discussion would be good first steps.


Not sure if you are asking a question here, sorry in case you did not.

You might want to have a look/talk with @comradery they are a co-op plattform ( #patreon alternativ) for creators. They might have allredy thought of some of the questions you have.


(Transparency: deleted and retooted, as I had the mention wrong)

@joachim_kreativ Thanks! Yep, someone mentioned them on Twitter too and it looks very cool. Will probably reach out once I get a better idea of where to start. @comradery

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