Welcome to all the new Writing Exchange users joining us from Twitter!

We're friendly here. If you want to send out an post, I'll boost it so you can start finding some followers.

Otherwise, check out the Local Timeline to see what conversations are happening.

I've been talking on Twitter about some interesting things about Writing Exchange, and the wider social network we're a part of (called the "fediverse").


You might've heard (and been confused) about different Mastodon servers, but the interesting thing about all this stuff is that different kinds of platforms can actually talk to each other.

Imagine you could follow your favorite writer on Medium from Twitter. You can actually follow blogs (on the right platform) directly from Writing Exchange.

For example, @matt@write.as is my blog. Click Follow there, and you'll get my posts directly in your feed here!

The blogging platform powering my blog, @writefreely, is one of many that can communicate with our community / Mastodon.

There's also @pixelfed (like Instagram), @peertube (like YouTube), and many others.


Specifically, that blog is running on @write_as, a small paid service I operate, that also directly funds this community.

Since we're having a moment here in the fediverse :fediverse: today, I wanted to help show off what it can do. So besides welcoming newcomers to Writing Exchange, I'd also welcome you to start a free blog on @write_as, too: write.as/start/tesler

Once you've created an account, go to your blog's Customize page, and enable Federation under the "Updates" section. Then you'll be able to find your blog!

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