I've had trouble distilling down the single "thing" I'm after. Is it web publishing? Alternatives to social media?

I think it's partly the latter, and I think the model for me is the personal web.

In real terms, personal websites are better than social profiles for a few reasons:

- They can be more stable and reliable, and not subject to feeds or changes in platform policies and design
- They're much more intriguing, artistically, than some cookie-cutter profile on an app or the web

@matt This 👆 this is exactley what I think and keep telling people. own your own space, your own digital plot of ground, and make it yours. (I miss the old days of the original weird and wonderful internet)

@matt @alastair To be fair the personal and open web is making a comeback, but certainly has its work cut out for it. It may never match up to its heyday with the corporate interests dominating the web these days.

@pim @matt Agree Pete, but I kind of feel if enough of us keep trying, me might make some headway into a better internet, a guy can dream 🙂

@alastair @matt Absolutely, despite evidence to the contrary these days, I’d like to think individuals still have some amount of positive influence in both the real world and the digital one.

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