Day 4: arrived at my destination, an Alabama forest that promised mountains.

My exact abode for the night was decided this morning, on my second visit to a mechanic outside Auburn. Lingering brake problems were literally slowing me down, and after the first fix didn't quite do the trick I paid my new Alabamian friend another visit, and he pointed me to Mount Cheaha.

As last night, the only animals around tonight are humans. Tomorrow: a hike, and after: whatever feels right.

During my first and only quarter of architecture school at Auburn, the studio took a trip to Mount Cheaha to camp in cardboard shelters we'd designed. So I camped in a turtle with two of my friends, calling in and out through its mouth, melted the soles of my shoes trying to warm my feet, and ate the Worst Spaghetti Ever (tm) as cooked by college freshmen. I've only camped once since then.

Enjoy Mt Cheaha better than I did!

@naugeleh Hahah awesome. I don't know that my experience will be as enjoyable as sleeping in a cardboard turtle, but I'll try! 😁

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