This is very odd... One of my instances says for an entire domain: "delivery is not available," while another Mastodon instance says the same domain can be delivered to. 🤔

Following doesn't work from the "domain undeliverable" Masto instance. I don't think there's any moderation-related reason this domain would be marked this way. So what would cause this? cc @Gargron

Made more progress on my weekend project, a tool for generating images like this for social media.

Right now, it's an open source command-line tool written in Go, with a few configurable options. You can find the AGPL-licensed code on GitHub and start using it now!

Nice, apparently now will notify someone of a mention when receiving an `Update` activity!

Just updated this page to mention my Masto account ( and got this notification.

Got our postcards in the mail today 😍 Will give these out at next weekend. And stickers!

Variable reward: questioning things
cats and ducks.

Feed me new food, News Feed.

Stream me your latest distraction.

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Yeah, $50 doesn't begin to cover what we'd lose by letting sponsored posts into the fediverse.

The answer, again, is no.

Sooo with some additional logging on my server I confirmed it's the HTTP Signature verification failing. If I cheat and disable that on my instance, posts show up! 🎉

But apparently Go's libraries don't create a valid signature -- and neither does openssl when I call the CLI with the parameters I did. If I could figure out what arguments are passed to create the digest, I could quickly make it work. But that's enough for today too.

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Follows work! Finally! I was missing the `@context` property 🤦‍♂️

Now to see about those posts.

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GETting an outbox works; correct number of posts shows up. Now I guess I need to keep track of followers on my end to know where to deliver events when a new post is published.

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US politics 

Timothy Snyder's On Tyranny and he nails down (among other things) why I've been thinking constant media coverage of white house drama is absurd. These "personnel shakeup" stories play/prey on our basic instincts. And though the change is subtle, they modify the filter we see current events through, to one that doesn't give us any advantage in seeing the truth.

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