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hi everybody, just arrived on the fediverse, no idea how to be here yet but somehow feels nice

i'm also bad introducing myself, let's say i write, even though i don't like considering myself a writer, even worse an author, although technically i guess i do both things

i write in italian as it is my mother tongue, here i will have fun with both eng and ita

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Why Mastodon and the fediverse are “doomed to fail”

-> a small rant about how the profit lens distorts our understanding of success vs. failure:

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"Writing makes me feel free. Writing feels like presenting a script of my thoughts to the world so others may view the movie playing in my mind."

How does writing make you feel? Respond with no sign-up needed:

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Hey all, good to be here. I'm a career programmer, but I've been writing on the side for a couple years.

Lately I've been working on a post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi comedy, which is a thinly-veiled way to tell some of the bizarre stories I've experienced as a contractor, in a meaningful and hopefully non-litigable way.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and metalworking.

Ask me anything! I probably won't answer in a satisfying way, but you're welcome to try!

@Luke Hey, sorry for the delayed response here. Do you have something like Cloudflare in front of this, or anything that would be stripping out whitespace?

By the way, if you don't mind asking this on the forum (, our support people and community can help out a little quicker -- and it'll benefit anyone else who has this issue in the future.

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Hello, strangers. I'm Ana Rosa, a brazilian young writer, who buy more books than can read - as any normal person does. Training my english, sorry for any mistakes. :)

I work as copywriter freelancer, and I'm currently studying archetypes, storytelling and tarot (?), for some side projects. Oh, and writing a fiction about angels, humans and all the things between.

I also have another "me" on mastodon, for general things. Thank you for accepting me here. Ahoy.

@zleap @design_RG @globcoco Discourse has strict default settings in place to prevent spam -- that's what you're seeing here. I just bumped up your user trust level, so you shouldn't hit those limits anymore.

@maique No worries! We don't need to be completely restricted to writing here, and cross-posting is fine. The local timeline can be a little quiet otherwise, but it shouldn't hold you back from posting as much as you want. For many people, the most action is in their Home feed.

Thanks for asking, though!

@Luke Just manually pressing Enter twice will give you a separate paragraph with space between. Is that what you're looking for? Or single line breaks within paragraphs?

@maique Just reviewing the queue now -- you're all set here!

@jonw Yep, it'll be called @remark_as, if you want to keep up with it.

Subscribed to your Substack site too. Also enjoyed your article about writing on Medium.

@SeventhMagpie Absolutely! This is kind of what I'm getting at, all the different ways commenting can be used. I want to make something that fits each situation: a way to say "thanks" / acknowledge a post, a way to start a large conversation, a way to have a private one (maybe literally using email!).

@jonw 100% agree. I'm designing a blog commenting system, and this is exactly the sort of point I'm getting at. From blog comments to social media, most social software seems to take a robotic, one-size-fits-all view on human interaction. I think very basic design decisions give us all the harmful effects we see.

This was a great read, thanks for sharing. I'll definitely be keeping it in mind.

Social media has shown the need for different kinds of interactions around content online. But "likes" are cheap and poisonous, chat isn't connected to content, and all platforms still stop at: "here's all the replies" 🤷

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Are there any blog commenting systems made for different kinds of conversations? E.g. "I enjoyed this." vs. "Could you clarify?" vs. "Here's an essay on why you're wrong..."

I feel like all systems are just a variation on: "here's a text box, and here's everything anyone has entered into it in relation to this post." (Decentralized version only adds: "here's what people said elsewhere.")

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