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On Mac, I use all the time the feature of preview to add an image of my signature to PDF files.

Is there a way to do the same easily under Linux?

@mara_cav_ @wion @DuthOlec Yep, general thoughts and chatter are great here too.

There's definitely an impression that people should split up their personalities across instances -- and I tried that in the early days, too -- but I don't want to force that much work on people.

I'm of the mind that we're all here because we share a common interest ("writing"), and everything else should be able to flow from there.

@maloki @matt Yep! They're recognized in the fediverse no matter what 馃槂

I can definitely see how this isn't intuitive though -- I made a note to add it to our docs.

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Writing Exchange update 

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I will be starting the upgrade to v2.9.0 for all Mastodon instances hosted on

There should be less than 1 minute of downtime.

You can read about the release here: or the changelog here:

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@bix It keeps the original draft's publish date.

I could see how different behavior might be good, though. Please feel free to propose it on the forum if you want

@mrb Things are validated. Now all core development is done on feature branches off of `develop`, with code review before merging. (So, more validated than the master branch used to be.)

Of course, there may be some larger features that get added over several pull requests (thus might need fixes / changes), but in general we're trying to avoid that.

@mrb Sure, now that we have a few core developers we're doing everything off of the `develop` branch (instead of `master` like before). We'll then merge it into `master` when we do an official release.

@bix This looks like an issue with $GOPATH/bin not being in your $PATH. It's looking for the `go-bindata` executable after fetching it, but isn't finding it.

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Both and are only a couple stars away from 1,000 on GitHub! Why not send them over the threshold? 猸

WriteFreely :writefreely2:

Plume :plume:

@bix What command are you running when you encounter the error?

#WritingExchange question 

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Being Normal 

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