@ck @danarel @aral @codeberg Looks like they run on Gitea, which I was going to say is a solid alternative: gitea.io

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Linked is a #pherephone "Announce" activity from a writefreely post. It works on mastodon but not on pleroma. I cannot understand why this is. Can any helpful #pleroma or #ActivityPub experts give a hint?

boosts appreciated


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Hello! I’m moving here from comicscamp.club, after my webcomic ended and I took up a much more text-centric writing blog.

I’ll get settled in here properly as soon as I’m not on the way home from getting groceries!

@tedu Thanks, yeah this is a bug that'll be fixed soon. Were there any other instances you noticed this happening on?

Mentions fixed 

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That afternoon the movie theater witnessed two romantic comedies.
One that was playing and one that was happening.
They both lasted 92'.


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@darius Okay, good to know. Wasn't sure since it's not working in Mastodon upstream.

Mentions will work from our demo instance, pencil.writefree.ly, too. Feel free to create a test account there: pencil.writefree.ly/invite/nr2

And let us know if we can help with anything along the way (cc @qwazix)

@darius Just mentioned you via ActivityPub on a WriteFreely post: matt.writefreely.dev/ap-mentio -- curious if you got it or not.

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Excited to support #ActivityPub mentions in #WriteFreely! (In progress here: writefreely.org/pull/195)

So far it works great with #Pleroma, but #Mastodon doesn't support mentions in the Articles we send out (only Notes). So we've opened an issue to fix this: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/

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People have asked me if having local-only posting somehow discourages federated posting.

I finally did the actual queries on our instance database, and after about a year of having local-only as an option we are at almost exactly 50/50 local vs federated posts.

65% of our accounts have been active in the last month, which is on the high side of normal for an instance with 80 accounts.

We post about 2x more *federated* posts than other instances with ~40 active users.

When the muse arrives, you get to work.

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Facebook: I'm in a promising local band.

Twitter: I'm developing an idea for a startup.

Instagram: I'm building an audience to become an influencer.

Mastodon: I use Linux distros you've never even heard of.

@ploum Yep, I think I got the layout and color inspiration directly from your setup 🙂

Agreed -- I haven't missed anything important either. But I understand feeling weird without it. That's why I started by always taking the phone out of my pocket when I'm sitting at home, so it's slightly more work to find it and grab it with a free hand as I'm moving around the house and doing other things. Over time you start to worry less about not having it with you.

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