@insidious Thanks! Can't really go wrong doing it this way -- no one has ever looked at a native app and said, "Man, I really wish this was built in Electron" 😉

@switchingsocial Heh, I would've been happy if it just stayed celebration whisky!

Special celebration whisky turned to frustration whisky; work-your-way-through-this whisky; back to triumph whisky.

@cj Would love to talk about / hack on some go-fed stuff then! (I'll officially be there)

Finding breadcrumbs to my ancient mind in forgotten words.

@mrb Nice! It'd be great to meet you and chat in person.

Booked my travel to attend in February. Really looking forward to meeting others from the fediverse there! Who else is going?

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My name's Rho and I'm in high school. I write fantasy and science fiction, as well as poetry on occasion. I'm working on the second draft of a novel right now, and I love talking about my characters! I also do art and sometimes might post that!

I'm really excited to share my stuff and would love to be friends!

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My name is Kody and I'm a classics undergrad who tries to write . I love combining my academic interests of mythology, tragedy, and ancient philosophy into my writing. Right now I'm also trying to get into Greek verse composition.

I love talking to like-minded people and generally being a passionate nerd, so always feel free to interact with my

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Ok here’s my .

I’m Gray and I’ve been writing since the tender age of 12 (or maybe earlier I just can’t remember). It’s always been a huge part of my life.

Right now I’m working on my debut novel, which about 2/3rds done and 70,000 words! It’s a fantasy story I’ve been writing for about 1.5 years now.

Other than that, I love writing sci-fi/fantasy and write short stories occasionally. I’ve also got a background in rp so if anyone’s interested in that, hmu.

Let’s be friends!

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So, I SUCK @ doing these sort of stuff but I'll try.

My name is Veronica. I'm currently a nursing student attempting to get an RN here in the US. I love to short stories. Although, with school, it hasn't been happening as much unless it's school-related. I love biological sciences & history, traveling, reading, and video games (hello Spider-man PS4 and AC: Odyssey). Find me rambling about one of these topics

But I'm happy to be here and hope to interact with you guys soon

Writing Exchange clean up, invites Show more

Writing Exchange clean up, invites Show more

Writing Exchange clean up, invites Show more

@lowbrow Hah yeah. I really want to know what the success rate of something like that is

- find random email addresses online
- send bad automated messages
- ???
- profit?

@poetgrant Sounds like a plan 🙂 If you ever have ideas / feature requests, don't hesitate to let me know. Always open to making more useful for more people!

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Ahoy! Time for an . I'm a poet looking for other writers to consume, create and if I'm feeling brave, collaborate with. I'm excited to find a platform which is open and where we are not the product. Sharing my content from @wordsmith to this place seems like a step up from tumblr.

While I tromp around blindly like a Mastodon in a tearoom in the name of exploration, if anyone knows of a comfortable nook, let me know.

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