@xiroux I've ended up with several principles from this, but I guess the biggest is making sure people don't have to waste their lives dealing with bad software.

Rediscovered this talk today, and just realized how much it ended up influencing me and what I've been doing over the past several years.


@ploum @matt Agreed about both of these things -- I imagine commenting happening in a more quiet, personal way, and then the author having the ability to showcase comments they like on the page, if they want. This also keeps the reading experience cleaner.

I'll definitely check out fed.brid.gy, thanks for mentioning it!

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@jonas Ah, that looks more like some configuration issue.. I'll take a look -- thanks again

@jonas Hmm, fonts shouldn't be affected by any potential application slowness... But thanks for letting me know. Keeping an eye on it

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Hi writing.exchange! This will be the writing musing account of @maloki

I'll be writing about writing, and musing about poetry, as I'm crash coursing into it.

Most posts will be private! And the account is private.

If you want to follow hit the button and answer this question:

What are you hoping to gain from a mutual connection with this account?

@digitalgyoza @slackz Ah, cool. We should definitely make that easier.. Might be able to build in a CSS class you could use that would do all of this for you.

Really enjoyed and getting to chat with everyone in person this weekend! Now it's time to sleep a lot.

@jonas hey, I wasn't able to get to the Go room, unfortunately. Sorry about that. I can mail you the sticker instead, if you want!

@mrb Same here, really glad we got to meet up. I'll see you then!

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Updated our instances page to show a bit more information, like how many blogs are allowed.

With the next WF release, we'll also be able to see if your instance has a public reader enabled, and if so, will display a direct link to it on this page.


@ivan @cj Actually forgot I had some talks I didn't want to miss today. I'll be free in around 12:30 and then 3

@mariusor hey, how's your FOSDEM going? Would you want to meet up today before 1700? Or sometime tomorrow?

@jonas Yeah, I can definitely do that. I'll have WriteFreely and Write.as stickers -- want both?

@jane Hmm, does the link to your profile include the rel="me" attribute? (Not at a computer right now, can't check, sorry). If it does, you may be able to force it to refresh by "saving changes" on your profile again

@mariusor thanks, I'll look into that.

Yep I landed this morning, though I'm doing a quick trip to Amsterdam today and will head back tomorrow

@mariusor Good point. Which browsers do that, out of curiosity?

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