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@NylaWoethief I'm not actually sure how it picks who shows up there, but I'm glad you were listed there 😊

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@jonah That's only on -- it was left out of WF since it would complicate setup, requires more knowledge to be able to support users, and our current certificate generation process for custom domains isn't generalizable for everyone yet.

But you'd be the second person I've heard ask about this. If you want to create a feature request on our forum so everyone can discuss this (, it'd be very welcome!

@BurungHantu Thank you very much, that's awesome to hear! It's been great seeing how has evolved over time -- and getting into hosted services seems like a great move.

I'd also love to list your instance on our site ( whenever it's launched, if you're all interested.

@jonah @opennic

@wion Yep, the "letters" are posts on their own blogs, that link to each other. And since the posts are also going to the same public space on @readwriteas, the conversation forms there.

I have to say, it's delightful watching people essentially become pen pals in a digital space that was never designed for commentary or much social interaction at all (though, we never designed against it, either).

Happening now, without blog comments, @-mentions, or notifications on / @readwriteas

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Hello, This is my post. Writing has always been something which I enjoyed and have been appreciated for in the past. It has been quite some time since I wrote my last blog article. However, it has been perhaps an even longer time since I wrote my first blog article. It's good to be a member of this community. I am seeking to get back into writing and need to explore where I can begin sharing my work with a community that can find my works beneficial. Cheers

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👋 Hello writers, allow me to make my !

This year I resolved to take one of the ideas bouncing around my head and force it into a book - my first.

A City In Stand records a utopian society confronted by world-breaking storms. If all goes well, my characters' happy, stable lives will be shattered and they'll be forced to recreate their entire lives.

I'm here because I want to absorb other writer's processes through osmosis. And make writer friends.

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Hello writers! I have been writing some ironic free verse on @ironic-free-verse and I am about to start some more in-depth writing, as well as a new blog. With more complicated topics I want to work on tightening up my work and getting into a consistent writing flow.

@Gargron Quick question: any thoughts on having Mastodon respect the custom "commentsEnabled" property that PeerTube, PixelFed, and (soon) WriteFreely send out?

It's discussed here:, but I'm just wondering your interest as far as hiding / disabling the reply button in Masto when this property is set to `false`.

@trwnh I think the scope of this property, as it's implemented today, is limited to describing whether or not the authoring platform does anything with replies, since ActivityPub doesn't provide another mechanism to communicate this.

I'd personally imagine a more granular policy might be added on top of this, or eventually supersede it. But it seems people are thinking about these other controls (e.g.

@dansup @Chocobozzz @tom79 @mxb @BaptisteGelez @yabirgb @kaniini

@dansup Right, there's nothing wrong with implementing something that works today and iterating only when needed, instead of over-engineering every single thing.

I think this is the right solution for what we're all doing on our respective platforms right now.

@dansup Nice! Thanks for getting this all moving today -- hopefully it'll help other platforms get on board with it too.

@Chocobozzz @mxb @BaptisteGelez @yabirgb

@dansup Great, we'll officially have this in the next version of ! (

So how can we move support forward on Pleroma and Mastodon? Seems like the next step would be to at least respect this property in the UI by e.g. disabling the "reply" button.

@Chocobozzz @mxb @BaptisteGelez @yabirgb @kaniini

@kaniini Right, this is a usability feature more than a security one.

@BaptisteGelez @dansup @yabirgb @mxb

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