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Hello, I'm here because I'm interested in writing, computers and related stuff, and would like to connect with people here in particular. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm planning on making some waves. Or not. More importantly, I hope that I'll find here the motivation to write. Thanks for accepting me in!

@PEEPOOPEEPOO Hey, thanks! Glad you like it so far.

We actually had something going on on our end that caused it not to show up. If you search for it now, you should see it! But please let me know if you don't.

Have been getting a ton of automated cold emails from someone about "hiring remote devs," with no way to unsubscribe. I'm not interested.

I told them this after the third email, but still the emails kept coming. So I decided to click the only link in their email: a Calendly link to book a call with them.

Let's just say they won't have availability for any other calls this week.

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@cj Thanks, CJ! The new year doesn't feel too bad yet 🙂 When's yours?

Entering my 31st year today. Feeling like I should be doing something new. Feeling optimistic.

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A view of an article I wrote about simplified web pages, as seen through @matt 's new "tiny" view of @write_as :writeas: blogs. Simple styles, no web fonts, just text. I like it.

@nate @write_as Glad you like it! This was a great read.

It really is an exploration of what's important or not on the modern web -- where's the line between *beautiful* and *purely functional*? My impression is that it's different for everyone, different if you're reading vs. writing, etc.

So I think giving people a choice goes a long way, especially when they can choose along the full spectrum -- from text-only-simplicity to elaborate-design-complexity.

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Just released a new experiment with smaller, even faster-loading blogs (via @updates):

Try it out here:

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v0.13.1 is nearly ready for release!

We've updated our demo instance,, to include all our staged changes -- so please feel free to test things out there! You can join with this invite link, if you don't have an account yet:

We've also changed the editor there to the new Classic editor, so you can test out our latest fix.

Find a bug? Let us know:

@qwazix Hey, I've been pretty good -- hope you're doing well too!

I'd love to participate in that! Please feel free to send over those questions

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We now have fixes pending for all reported issues in v0.13. If you'd like to help review them, we'd truly appreciate it!

@Gargron Oh awesome, that's good to know. I'll figure out how to do that and then give it a shot, thank you!

Ugh, I'm locked out of a seldom-used @Mastodon account, on an instance I host that only I ever use, because I never set up email on that server. So I can't get the security code since I "appear to not have logged in from this device before".

Is there no admin option to override the login block, @Gargron?

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