@liaizon Yeah, unfortunately that's the earliest platform with support for SwiftUI, which we used for this app to support both iOS and macOS.

Some more background: discuss.write.as/t/writefreely

@liaizon @nilesh Some examples: @darius is currently experimenting with WF auth via Hometown (his Mastodon fork) acting as the provider. And the debian.social team helped implement login-via-Gitea for their use case.

Would love to see other fediverse projects support this!

@liaizon Absolutely, this is something I want to help push forward.

We added support for a few OAuth providers in our last release (v0.12), and v0.13 will support a generic configuration for any OAuth 2.0 provider.



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Hey everyone! I'm new to mastodon and the writing.exchange. I'm a software developer trying to get into creative writing.

I'm hoping to do this year 🤔, but I don't think I've written anything over 10,000 words before...

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Hello, everyone. I'm new to Mastodon and the Fediverse in general. I may ask questions that reveal my naivete.

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Our WriteFreely iOS app is now in beta! 🎉

With this, you can finally publish to any instance (including Write.as) from your iPhone or iPad.

Learn how to join the beta in this post from @angelostavrow: write.as/angelo/writefreely-fo

@liaizon @yaaps Not too familiar with HTML editors, unfortunately -- more just text-based WYSIWYG editors.

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Been working with SwifUI all summer to build this. It’s getting close! 😬😃🥳

Not to mention all the things that enables that you simply can't do on other social silos.

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Only got to catch the end of Evan Prodromou's Q&A session, but I really appreciated the point he made about how we might grow the fediverse by only having certain interactions here (instead of cross-posting to birdsite, for example).

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These past few months have slipped away from me; I haven't been around / participating in the fediverse as much as I'd have liked to.

Looking forward to watching everyone's @apconf talks, though!

Thanks for the mention, @colby!

@glitchyhare, our fediverse account is @write_as in case you want to follow, or have any questions along the way!

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@plumey Awesome -- would love to hear feedback you have along the way, if any!

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This week I'm re-architecting and moving @snap_as from a separate application into our single @write_as application. Here are a few thoughts along the way.

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Call for help, OCAP 

My fiancee was on a call on a videoconferencing platform yesterday and the room she was in was intruded upon multiple times by people who came in and caused trouble.

This was a women's group and they were exposed to pornographic images, sounds, threats, etc. not just once, but many times over the span of one hour.

This makes me think that for the Free platforms, we can and must do better. I have a plan and would love some help!


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Writer in a variety of forms. Have a couple self-published books. Always looking for a nice writing community, and since I'm now learning about IndieWeb, thought this would be a good place to call home on Mastodon.

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