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@matt took some time to talk about the origins behind @write_as , where it's headed, and what he's learned along the way in building usable software for creative expression. Thanks to everyone for backing our mission and making the project more than we could've imagined!

Check out the interview here:

@write_as Hey @tomskeedev, thanks! Really glad you enjoyed it, and glad you've been a part of it!

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An academic paper about social networks misspelled Mastodon, Pleroma and Pixelfed lol

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@april Yep, that's right -- we're aimed at writing first, but we don't want to make everyone split up their posts across instances if they don't want to. Plus, new art might inspire some writing here, or the other way around. So please feel free to share your art!

Thanks for helping out, @mara_cav_!

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New Year Sale 

@nloomans Awesome! Same here. Let's chat as it gets closer, if you want to meet up

@ploum That's fair :) just noticed it was starting to get close!

Just booked my travel to Brussels for ! Looking forward to attending for another year.

If you'll be there or in the area, let me know! Would love to meet up and chat in person.

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v0.11.2 is out now! This is an important update that fixes bugs with federation, among other things — we recommend all admins upgrade.

Read more on the @writefreely blog:

@sean Yep, once you point it to the Actors you want to announce and then start up the server, you'll be able to follow that the Pherephone account from your Pleroma account.

@sean We built Pherephone for this:

Would love to hear if it works for you / what you think, if you try it out!

@sfssm @schmittlauch @dansup For me it's the kind of incentives VC creates for the companies it produces, and what that means for users (usually nothing good, in the end).

VC rarely produces open protocols and ecosystems like ActivityPub. But it LOVES moonshots like "decentralize Twitter by building on the blockchain."

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Hi, I'm Apple! I'm a writer trying to reach out to fellow writers, and am new to Mastodon. Anyone wanna show me the ropes of this instance?

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Added a new tool for reading Medium articles in peace:

You can also grab the article as Markdown -- maybe even publish to !

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"Some of what's truly good for us is bad for them. So let's not rely on them to tell us when we finally have privacy, or digital wellbeing, or whatever will comfort the masses today. We know what real privacy feels like, even online. All we have to do is acknowledge what we've lost and take the smallest of steps to reclaim it."

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@ingehygd Hmm, very weird... Searching for the handle doesn't work for me either, but searching for the URL works. I'll take a look.

Either way, now it'll show up: @ingehygd

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