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This obligatory “hello world / testing 123 / is this thing on?” post reminds me of my first posts to other social sites over the years. Some of which sank without a trace, but some began conversations that changed my life.
I’m hoping for the best here. So, hi!

(Me, I’m a cis “he/him” guy. I look pretty young but I’m just backdated. I read & sometimes write spec fic, attempt to play post-rock or ambient, and try to be a good person to my family & friends.)

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Looks like the videos from are up now! Check them out on Peertube: @apconf

Included is my talk (@matt) about how we're building and our other projects.

"Federated Blogging with WriteFreely"

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Hello people! You may have noticed that @apconf is now online, and *some* of the videos have started to appear!

So far:
- @mlemweb's introduction to the conference
- My keynote:
"ActivityPub: past, present, future"
- Mark Miller's keynote: “Architectures of Robust Openness”

More are coming... the server is working away at making them available :)

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I was dreaming of a social network without likes, where the number of followers and the number of reshares would be hidden and where replies to a post would be private.

Then I realised it already existed. It's called a blog (with comments disabled) and email.

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📌 He/him, 30s, Tired

🔩 mostly about and and bikers and drag queens, proud father of

🔥 Trying to separate my writing and art from everything else.

💩 I'll try to keep my personal bullshit over on weirder dot earth.

❤️ Thanks for having me!

In Prague this week for ! Looking forward to talking about and other projects the @write_as team is working on.

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Hello again, Mastodon! I've been taking a bit of a social media break for a while, but I'd like to get back into it (to help keep me motivated and also keep track of others' creative output) – and nothing shames you into getting back into it like an awkward "hi I'm back" post. Hope to be posting a bit more around here!

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Some thoughts on the . Not going to become inactive, but this dialogue runs through my head whenever I do surf or toot on here.

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This is new & exciting. I'm looking forward to meeting lots of positive tooters 😁
I've been an indie author - - for 6 years & learn something every day. Admittedly, I forget loads of stuff too 🤪

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Hey #Writing people, what tags do you use to post about your writing, your process, your published works?

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Hi! I'm JuJu, local sheep and writer!

I'm known more on Ao3 and tumblr, but I finally made the choice to move here as well. I've written for Hellsing, Pixar's Coco, and PLVSAA (Layton vs. Ace Attorney), as well as others.

You can find my fan works at Ao3 (Just look for the sheep!)

Fedibots, astroturfing 

On the note of fake followers, before I blocked on our instance I noticed very bot-like behavior from seemingly real accounts on that instance -- very reminiscent of birdsite bots.

Definitely worth thinking about how we guard against misinformation and astroturfing in the as this gets more prevalent. Domain blocks alone probably won't be enough -- the classic social media features we include or leave out matter, too.

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Some good ActivityPub Conf 2019 news: we got exactly the right number of submissions (all excellent!) to be able to fit all of them in and still do an unconference on Sunday. I'm extremely excited about this lineup!

We'll be making the actual schedule publicly available next week.

There are only a few slots left to register as an attendee btw! If you'd like to come, don't delay!

@cj Hey CJ! Hope all is well.

We're looking to build a new AP application from scratch (details here: and wanted to do it on the latest go-fed version.

I was curious what the status of `apcore` is -- I know it says under construction, but is it possible to build on yet? Or should we stick with the `activity` pkg?

Know anyone who would like to join ? While public registrations need admin approval, anyone here can invite someone by generating a special invite link from this page:

We're keeping our 1,000-user limit, but we just freed up about 50 spots after clearing out old, unused accounts. So feel free to invite anyone you think would like it here!

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