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Have been trying not to think about how much I miss traveling for the past year. This did me in today.

From @scearley:

Came across SpaceHey today via this Vice article, which has me thinking about the and centralization vs. decentralization, as always.

Why do you build what you're building? I think I'm after something real, for once, in a sea of crappy commercialism.

Matt boosted turns 6 years old today! 🎂

From an anonymous blogging platform to a minimalist publishing space for 175,000 blogs, we've come far since 2015.

Here's where we are today, plus a special deal to help everyone to celebrate with us 👇

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"Words. Words. Words."

Screenwriter. Dystopian novelist.

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. hi, my name's spring & i'm a writer, somehow. jokingly been calling myself "a failing author of lesbian fiction". i write mostly fictional diaries + (auto)biographical short stories both in english and finnish. this year's project is to actually share my writings with the world!

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I am Doctor Dae Yun Kim Ph.D.. I am also World Wide Travel Explorer and Global Wide Travel Adventurer who Adventured and Explored about one hundred countries all over around world. And also I am Martial Arts Master and Appointed Minister.

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Hello. My name is Azariah Scott. I'm a YA Sci-Fi author. I did self-publish a professionally edited book.

I've read about this place of a few days. I thought I'd join.

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New to the Fediverse, still finding my way around. I'm a Brazilian who fell in love with winter living in Canada. I'm reading all the time (sci-fi and fantasy). I love hiking, writing, (not all) heavy metal music, tea and lots of quiet time.

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. Hi, I'm new here. I like to write nonfiction. My favorite topics are feminism, gender, and history. I'm here to connect with other people who love to write, to read their work, and share my stuff as well. I blog at

One nice thing about having multiple blogs on @write_as is that I can start writing a post for this microblog, and if it turns into something more that I want to share on my main blog, I can just switch the blog it's going to publish to.

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Made more progress on my weekend project, a tool for generating images like this for social media.

Right now, it's an open source command-line tool written in Go, with a few configurable options. You can find the AGPL-licensed code on GitHub and start using it now!

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Father of beatuful little girl. Husband of good and beatiful wife. Book reader who works in book store. Lives in Zemun in Serbia. I love to read classical and modern russian literature. Pelevin's Iphuck 10 blown me away. I tried writing, but i'm better in reading. 😂

Working on a small tool to generate an image from a bit of text, made especially for any WriteFreely-based blog.

Basically, you'll use this to highlight something you wrote along with your blog URL, so you can then share it to Pixelfed or Instagram.

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Hello, Fediverse! My name is Brandon. I have been blogging since 2008. I write about productivity, technology, books, religion, coffee and tea, and Texas. I joined Mastodon to share my work and learn from other writers, but also to escape Twitter, which has proven to be useful for neither of these things. You can find my blog at

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Hi - just thought I'd join and see if could provide some inspiration and interesting conversation.

Currently I mostly blog about software / tech but I'm hoping to write a lot more this year!

You can find me here:

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