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Writing Exchange registrations 

I've changed registrations on to invite-only again, as new accounts have slowed down a lot, and we're starting to see some spam accounts.

Remember, you can always send an invite link if you know someone else that would like to join!

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Thanks to the way Open Collective works, and calculates things, we're currently at estimated €99/month.

Scratch that! As I was preparing this post, we've crushed the €100 / month goal!

Thank you so much everyone, one time donations, monthly donations, yearly donations, donation matchers (which aren't even accounted for yet!)!

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café chat is getting a web3 upgrade. just look at all those $$$

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we're gathering in our virtual Café for the next hour, for a laid-back chat / hang out. come stop by!

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Haven't done this in a while, but I'd like to get a sense of what's most important to everyone as we head into the summer. Are you happy with the platform? What planned feature development should we prioritize?

Please share your thoughts in our latest survey (and sorry for the Google form!):

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I can see some functionality of merging with in time. Whereas I think we need a line between creating something and sharing / talking about it (e.g. vs., I think the line between reading something and talking about it should be a little thinner. So things like following blogs and bookmarking posts will be at home on (playing off the blog bookmarking feature just added).

Thoughts? Discuss...

software as disembodied humans
wind-up interfaces and language

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That time Saturn accidentally showed everyone how much space is wasted with cars.

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My name's Brandon. I'm currently an student (or at least I will be for another week, when I graduate), and I hope to become a full-fledged soon. I was diagnosed with autism two years ago, and as I try to move into a library career, I hope to advocate for and neurodiverse voices within the profession.

Outside of LIS, I'm a human to an incredibly spoiled Japanese Chin, as well as a Trekkie and a Whovian. I also have a lot of other special interests.

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Hi everyone, I'm new to Mastodon, and I write fantasy fiction (adult and YA).

I'm querying agents for my first novel (epic fantasy) while writing my second (gender-flipped Three Musketeers-meets-Treasure Island with a dark academia vibe) in my spare time.

I love my day job as an academic (PhD in medieval lit), but here I'll be be posting about fiction writing, the query/rejection (!) process, and things that I'm reading and watching.

I look forward to meeting you!

Once we figure that out, we'll also support custom blog avatars in the fediverse (first on @write_as, since it has photo support).

Discussing on @remark_as here:

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Finally got @writefreely blog updates working in the !

Before, changing your blog title and description wouldn't update on other instances. Works with Mastodon, but it seems to break (and I haven't tested with other platforms). So I filed an issue:

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Hello everyone, I'm a biologist and in the next months I'll start a new path into planetary science, and my focus will be on astrobiology and human space exploration. I'm interested in and , and I read heaps of Italian literature. I'll talk about and , more or less. I've just started a blog here: where l'll write in English and Italian.

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New to Mastodon, and this server too, so here's my !

I'm more of a than a prose writer, but I dabble in both. My poems have been published in a handful of mags, and a couple of thick books. essentially a in my spare time.

Im currently working on:
🚀a epic
🌳ecopoems, and poems generally

During the day I manage servers and build infrastructure for clients, specialising in , , and all sorts.

Lovely to meet you all!

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time I guess. Hi, I'm Matt! Scientist by day and / / by night. I write mostly fantasy with some horror and sci fi, and my proudest writing achievement to date is currently that time a beta reader said my draft read like a collaboration between Terry Pratchett and Clive Barker.

Hoping to make some writer friends to share our WIP highs and lows.

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