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microblogging is made up of two parts "micro", meaning small, and "blogging", short for "weblogging", which is made up of two parts "web", meaning that thing that spiders make, and "logging" meaning cutting down trees

so microblogging is when you're a spider that cuts down small trees blog 

I came to wanting a place to think about, talk about, and share writing, so in an attempt to live into my own expectations, I finally started a @write_as blog, and I think I have an idea that will keep it going.

If you're feeling lucky/generous, feel free to blindly follow Otherwise, you're welcome to check out the first post ( to help you decide. Or ignore this altogether. Whatever works for you.

Happy writing, friends!

#reading = #writing 

"The ugly fact is books are made out of books." (Cormac McCarthy)

"Read with the mind-set of a carpenter looking at trees." (Terry Pratchett)

"If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write." (Stephen King)

(I'm a sucker for a good quote, and this wonderful little post is filled with pithy lines about the interplay between reading & writing:

Second Profile 

OK, I'm totally doing this:

Having two Mastodon profiles is, I realize, less than ideal. But the more focused spiritual deconstruction/reconstruction conversations I'm interested in having with the folks at are, I assume, of less interest to most of you, so I'm hoping to simply shift those bits over there & retain the this profile for wordery nerdery and general tooting.

I'm, for anyone who cares.

That is all. Carry on!

Feels like a good time for a new #introduction 

I found looking for Mastodon for word nerds, but honestly, the percentage of my toots that are not writing-related will probably be high(ish).

What, then?

- poetry (gnoetry)
- short stories

- Jesus
- music (grew up on classical, love all kinds)
- board games (BGG user mattlaff)
- sci-fi (I'm a sucker for Asimov, Doctor Who, Star Trek, etc.)

Anyway, here's to Mastodon, and to all sorts of conversations with you!

OK, is super nerdy-fun, but I just don't have the mental space for it (obviously -- my last toot there was a year and a half ago). Time to let that profile go, but I'm glad for the fun I had and the goofy accounts I found there and still follow--wait a minute... I'm totally Marie Kondo-ing that account, aren't I?

checks notes:
-recognizing/admitting it doesn't spark joy ✔
-thanking it for its service ✔

Huh. Well, there you go. She's really on to something, isn't she?

Today has been rough, and my wife won't get home from her work trip until about midnight. But our daughters are in the living room belting out tunes from Newsies, and right this minute, life is pretty great. I've bemoaned my grudging unwillingness to make more time to explore Mastodon, but it's mostly because I've spent however many years curating my feed on Twitter, and doing all that again seems daunting indeed. Building a new social graph from scratch isn't very high on my priority list at the moment, but your presence here renews my hope that more and more people worth following will actually start finding their way here.

Just discovered (Star Trek) &, so I'm poking around the mastoverse a bit again today.

I find myself still rooting for this place & wishing I'd been giving it more attention, while remaining unsure about diving in. Social media is tiring; building a new experience from scratch, doubly so.

Still, it's making me wish more people (especially people I already know) were here.

Inspired by Isobel O'Hare (on Twitter), I made an erasure poem using the text of Garrison Keillor's "apology" statement.

Chapter 5. (I'm really struggling to get my mind going in the right direction this morning, so I figured a bit of mental exercise might help.)

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just frustrating that i carry this very powerful computer around with me everywhere and it's more or less useless for games because everything is always-online for no good reason or a blatant free-to-play cash grab or doesn't understand the app lifecycle or some combination of all of these

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I have all my grandpa's old poetry files and recently came across templates for a family Christmas card he sent out in the 80's, and I got thinking...

So I started working on a charNG poem using grandpa's complete poetic output (which I digitized years ago) as a source text, and now I'm really considering sending the family a Christmas card using his template and this new poem. I think/hope they'd like that.

Anyway, here's the poem.
Happy Monday, all.

On to chapter 3 of Moby Dick w/charNG, and my goodness, I almost forgot how much fun these can be. (Still not planning on actually doing 132 more, but thoroughly enjoying myself.)

Happy Thursday, folks.

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Writing Exchange funding 

I recently saw someone mention Mastodon instances disappearing, so I added a little note on our About page that explains my intent to *not* have that happen, and where funding for Writing Exchange comes from.

TL;DR: it comes from @write_as, a writing tool I'm building.

Here's a little more background on why you can rest easy settling in to this instance:

So I was going to follow @MattFnWallace but then I noticed his current follows & followers were *both* at 42, and now I'm hesitating because I'm slightly worried about making Douglas Adams sad.



I find it interesting that Mastodon (or at least the instance I'm using?) doesn't display how may times a post has been starred/favorited/whatevered unless you click & expand it.

At first, that not-knowing felt a bit disorienting. But the more I think about it, the more I enjoy how I'm being nudged toward judging each post on its own and on my own, apart from the wisdom/folly of the crowd.

Just wondering: does anybody know whether this is a bug or a feature?

More weird poetry. Moving on to chapter 2, still using charNG.

It occurs to me that if I did one of these every day (be clear/do not worry: I'm not saying I'll do that), I'd finish up by... spring. Moby Dick is a big book is my point.

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Thinking about revisions, thanks to @therotund.

Personally, I have to start revisions with the oldest workable material I can find, because the ease with which I revise increases exponentially w/the original material's age.

While I suspect it's not just me, I frequently have to give myself permission to work this way.

If you can shred & rebuild the poem you wrote yesterday, go for it. But if you need to start with that story you wrote 5 years ago, that's OK, too.

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