@fraying Save some of the prettyist for seeds of your own next year.

One foot in front of the other, people. If you see someone stumble, help them up. We'll get there together.

@fraying I'm just using an old plastic dehydrator my mom had; they make fancy electric ones. I slice the tomatoes (in circles) and dry them. Then bag them. I've been told to freeze them even though they're dried as a precaution. I've used them in soups, salads, on sandwiches. I rehydrate in the microwave or in a small sauce pan with a little water or wine. Chop them to use in salads.

@fraying Have you dried drying tomatoes? Pretty easy, and mighty fine in winter salads

@jean Middle English is much more interesting when it comes from a Dragon. Also, it's easier to see the exaggerated lip movements; our brains are already wired to associate what we see (even in a limited way) with what we hear.

@jean I'm mostly interested in them in terms of the potential for second language instruction.

@fraying I'd argue that using performative to refer to a person is a poor implementation of English. It's clumsy. And yes, rude, and inappropriate. It's meant to wound.

With all this news of users jumping ship or at least taking serious breaks from Twitter and Facebook, I can’t help but feel like Apple is on point with this Today article:

Demystifying RSS


FWIW: Yes, I picked my newsreader bs k up a couple years ago. I use Feedly and a couple apps. You can see my public collections here: feedly.com/chartier

@PERMANENT_NAME My brother worked for Instant Software in Peterborough N.H. and it was so cool when he'd bring home Apple IIs, Trash 80s and Exidy sorcerers. I loved Santa Paravia.

@fraying One of the things I like about horses and such is that they don't identify me as predator, so they let me near them pretty easily. Also birds don't ID me as a predator; think it's because I can't see so I never look focussed.

Who inspired me this week?
Colin Kaepernick
Kamala Harris
Barack Obama
Cory Booker
Serena Williams

Every time I think Mastodon isn't like Twitter, some mansplainer steps up to remind me that, actually, it is.

It's also clear that Masto needs some user tools here, too. On Twitter, a user facing a deluge can go private for a bit. That's not possible here. It should be. Just some sort of temporary withdrawal for protection, short of nuking your account.

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Yeah, I used to feel insulted by the term “mansplain” too. I got over it when I realized that we’re trained by school and society to do it, and if we don’t make the term specific to men, we’ll never fucking learn.

Do better, men.

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