It's really hitting the fan - in this latest chapter posting.

8 - Hitting the Fan


Just got the artist's proof of our new cover.

Krikey! This is exciting!


Chapter 6 is off the lease and running wild!

Here's a wee update for you: a good 20% of the verbiage (word count) is falling to my editor's sharp scissors. Frankly, it's blowing my mind, how much better a book that's making it.

Not long before the brand-new material starts going live.

Lost in Paradise 🌴

I've figured it out:

Elena and I are beyond the breaking point, in a place most can only dream of. We live at night and under seige.

You see, for most, being here is a vacation. For us, it's a disaster.


Final draft: Chapter of the Day is up on:

It's the fifth (out of 45). It's called: A Celebrity Sprain

Hilarious renovation shenanigans in this chapter!

🇨🇳 The People's Republic of Canada 🇨🇦

No kidding! New Federal party 🎈 (The People's Party - - no joke) managed to make it a crime to say climate change is real!?

The People's party claims - quite rightly so, in fact - that climate change is not a crisis for Canada.

Right on, eh!? Canada needs to pump its dirty tar-sands, and global warming can only be a good thing for that frozen wasteland.


Another finalized chapter is now out on

Seeing as there's kind of an obsession on word count going on and generating more, I have to point out how insanely proud I am of ELIMINATING up to 25% of my words going into the final draft.

I'm kinda into that "less is more" command line geekiness.

I know, what's a command line but words 🙃


Chapter 2 - in final draft (NOT a screenwriting program format), as in "done," just got posted.

Posting a new chapter a day until the whole book is online. 2 chapters there now, 43 to go!

If you've read the first 30 chapters, you might want to read em again. They are totally new beasts!

600 volt keyboard issue: SOLVED

'Someone' (not using any names here) wired the guts from a handheld (tennis racket) bug zapper into my ultra-cool-retro-loud-cherry-mx-blue mechanical USB keyboard (with a metal frame).

I guess all 'someone's chortling, giggling and snorting every time I screamed, should have been a clue!


Got the legal go-ahead and a work around to keep posting.

You can see it in action and read the tiny print, if you're interested in this particular solution, here: Read the third paragraph of the tiny print.

First chapter is linked! Other's aren't yet, but I'll get on em tomorrow. You'll see -- if you click on the first chapter link -- the idea is to make the user acknowledge it's copyrighted material by clicking a button. Cheap, but effective!

Shocking! ⚡

This is CRAZY! My USB, mechanical keyboard, with a metal frame, is freaking electrified like a cattle prod.

Got it plugged into my laptop, and the USB (I thought those things only GOT 5v) is putting out enough juice to hurt like a bee-sting when touched with bare wrists.

Tried a meter on it, and DC get's me nada, but AC is swinging anywhere between 40 (with only one probe) and 600 volts, with the other probe to ground!!! Lordy, I figure it's seriously low amps, but what gives?

Wooo hooo! 🐴 I just FTP'eed the new and totally static site to the server

Haven't gotten groceries in weeks, and just finished the olives. Guess I need to go shopping.

Are there ANY stories of personal liberation out there?

Getting a whole new and CONVERGENCE site ready to go online, so you know... I haven't fallen off the edge of the world.

I like to drink coffee violently! It's the only way. ☕


Tomorrow, I hope... (I know, hope = delusion... same thing).

Haven't got the okie-dokie from the legal beagle as of yet.


Still working on a way to present new material, while keeping it a bit safe. Lawyer said we should have at least some action one needs to take to access the material, like enter a password, or even just click an agree button that reminds the clicker, they are accessing material the owner doesn't want exploited. Apparently, that © copyright sign isn't enough!

Still, I promise new material by the end of the week (Sunday night). Thanks for your patience.

You know... I have absolutely zero will to live, until my sixth shot of espresso.

Is that normal?
☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ ☕

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