Kanye for president!?

Is it just me, or is the world starting to resemble the movie Idiocracy imdb.com/title/tt0387808/

I hate it when crazy, sci-fi comes true!

Help free these books! πŸ“š

I need people to grass me out to Amazon.

All it takes is a few clicks to get Amazon to price match the free distros. But it takes more than just me grassing on myself.

Writers under Amazon pricing oppression. Feel free to copy my easy follow instructions to ask for help freeing your own works!

Here's the instructions:


❀️ Thank you!!! ❀️

How can I toot markdown or code frags or even markup?

@matt What is a followbot? and why would I want it following me, or why would I follow it?

The (dot) con top level domain would be just the thing for felons, investment bankers and evangelists. πŸ’° ✝️ πŸ”« πŸš”

On second thought, the dot CA top level domain is embarrassing.

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I am going to start up a free ebook peer-review/reader-review site, off our own domain -- or a (dot) ca domain we still own from the dawn of the web.

The big idea: Reviews of free ebooks. Writers rewarded not just with stars, but dollars (via donation buttons to their PayPal accounts from their own pages).

Reviews will link to the authors' book pages, where their books are available for free.

Here's our book page as an example

Who needs freaking Amazon?

Have you written a book?

For dog's sake, don't tell anyone!

Might as well tattoo "Loser" on your forehead & tell people you've got uncontrollable flatulence & a highly contagious, fatal yeast infection.

I just blew $268.82 on click adverts, getting 49 people to download my freaking FREE ebook!

Can't even PAY to give a book away!

Yeah, I'm embarrassed, and probably more than a little stupid. (Spent more than a grand in May)

Either my book (Elena's and my run for our lives) sucks big-time. Or these guys pad their ratings.

I blew $45 on an advert in thekindlebookreview.net and got ONE freaking FREE download from it!

Hot-diggity-dog! I am so close to done with this sinking ship!

Wondering if I can take a Pic with my tablet and paste to my mastodon feed.

Wow, yay! It works!

It's our 14th anniversary! Yay to us!

14 years ago, on this day, Elena and I met in Kyiv, Ukraine. The governments of Canada and Russia and our bio-families have tried to keep us apart the whole time, but we're still together!

We're living in exile and we're still on the run, but we're free, we're unbroken, and we've taken back our lives!

Love always triumphs!


Let's see what happens when I link a vimeo video Elena and I did:

If you watch it, just remember, the taiko drums in the end were my idea!


Need an editor? Install one!

I have never found more mistakes, rough spots, typos in my life and so freaking fast it ought to be illegal: My secret...

Go through your stuff with a text to speech TTS program/engine of your choice. Read along with it while it reads your stuff to you.

Works for me, like a charm πŸ€

Holy freaking carp! 🐟

Amazon files the under nonfiction

CW: Rant 😑

Amazon! Lordy, lordy, loooo... Downloaded my 'free' pick out of a handful of pre release choices. The reviews were stupid, irrelevant, petty (oh no, bad words!), full of spoilers. The book, on the other hand, is pretty good. I hate to imagine how the writer feels, seeing those idiotic reviews.

I'm just as decided not to distro my stuff as anything but html off my own domain. The biz looks more like narcissistic social media than story telling, IMHO.

What should a book editor (human not app) cost for 100,000 words?

Anybody have experience buying a Kirkus Review? Love to know how it turned out.

Desperate market exploit, or something useful to writers?

Let me know, thanks

How are e-book distro platforms (Smashwords, Kindle, et al) any different than social media (insomuch as the user/writer is the commodity and not the book)?

Anybody actually using them to SELL their works?

What's been your experience and success with e-book promotion/self publishing?

E-book distro format question:

Anybody still using mobi?

Any buddy hear right you sing peach recon ignition?

Jest won during

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