Great idea about bartering! Kinda goes with the whole writing "exchange" concept, I figure.

We've been approached by publishers (their editors), lit agents, film studios, and a passel of independent filmmakers. The indies are really the only ones we get along with. We've turned down decks and offers from three major studios, so far... They demand LGBT marketing with the obligatory 2-chicks sex branding/labeling.

We want a "Real Life, Thelma & Louise" - What we did has nothing to do with sex!


Well, you’ve done something right if your story/situation has that much attention already — and they’re approaching you! Good job.

So what is your objective at this point... A book? A screenplay? Both?

I’d guess a book first and screenplay later would be more strategic. If the book sold well, you’ll be making $ before a screenplay is even written, and have more control over the
film script later. But, that’s just a guess.


Hmm... I just (re-)realized you say ‘2006’ in your profile. I don’t know why, but I was under the impression the initial voyage (‘escape’) was more recent. My bad.

But that would partially explain publishers and producers being aware of you now — they’ve had some time to discover you, I guess. ;)

@wion It was actually a young journalist for Prospekt mag who broke the story. It went viral. We didn't think anyone cared. We just did what we needed to do for us.

Everyone wants their own spin on our true story, and it doesn't have a lot to do with us or what really happened. Most want life rights, which we're not going to sell. Programs on NPR and BBC at least were genuine.

We'll option either of our books for 1 mil, and walk away. Or backend and creative control for a lower strike.


Yeah, screw those people that want to take control and spin fiction out of truth. That’s annoying, though I’m sure it’s typical behaviour in that industry. Good for you for taking a stand against it.


I’m up way too late, but just wanted to say I read the Prospekt article just now. Thanks for mentioning it. It helps put things in perspective...

I’m stunned and beyond impressed with the courage and determination you both found, and your ingenuity and planning to see it through those 12 harrowing months after Kiev. You are literally a hero, and I’m sure Elena agrees.

Where should I follow if I want to read your general updates sailing around? If you have something like that.



Scratch that lame question. I’ve followed back your timeline and found your site.

Also reading your ‘dangerously unconventional’ interview... I’m learning a lot about Canada.

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