Writing - Show, don't tell

My editor told me to think like a movie. In other words, to cut anything that wouldn't make it into the final cut of a film.

Sure, I thought that was crass. Simplistic. Easy for the reader, etc. But really, what is important here, is actually making a connection with a reader. If they've dropped the call, communication has been lost.

Also, there's the movie adage: don't tell em what happened, SHOW them. Action speaks louder (and a lot faster) than words.


My opinion’s irrelevant, but I’m partial; I think your story would be told much better as a book at first than a movie, and have far greater reach and impact over time. Movies are riskier, and even the best have short lives. Books, though, are forever. The two mediums require different editing perspectives too. Sure, both will follow a story narrative, and you story is undeniable and powerful. But, your editor puts a burden on you to think like a scriptwriter. That’s not your role.

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