So, what does one do when one finds their stuff showing up on sites that one didn't authorize? Especially when someone else is charging for their material, or using it for click-bait?

Excellent advice, everyone!

Wow, let's just say, "The fediverse isn't typical social media" -- and yes, Jim, there IS intelligent life in the universe.

As for what's getting ripped off: photos, posts, graphics, articles, entire freaking books (wait for Elena's post), audio files, our identities... you name it; it's showing up (usually on sites with not-so-great English).

@meg My favourite, vindictive method, would be to go behind their back to their hosts/ISPs first. Some will pull the rug from under them without warning, which is the least they deserve. Perhaps their payment provider, too.

@meg Do you have a registered copyright in that stuff?

Feel free to take that copyright, find that site's host, and complain to the host through whatever method the host provides for making copyright claims. In US-based hosts, this is called a DMCA takedown notice. The hosting site can contest the notice, which is why you'll want registered copyright.

@meg you could issue a DMCA takedown potentially?

My experience with Bookmate. I was approached by a woman who said she works for Bookmate and suggested I place my book onto their site. I looked into the possibility and refused. Some time later I discovered my book on bookmate website. Complaint to that woman and writing to their department that deals with copyright infringements didn't produce any result. The book is still there.

@lenna and they charge people money to read it, and you don't see one, red cent of it.

I have a feeling, Bookmate is one of the prime offenders.

If others have had similar experiences -- subscription services profiting from stolen intellectual property -- it would be great to know about it, and what steps were taken, if any, to deal with the theft.

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