So, what does one do when one finds their stuff showing up on sites that one didn't authorize? Especially when someone else is charging for their material, or using it for click-bait?


Excellent advice, everyone!

Wow, let's just say, "The fediverse isn't typical social media" -- and yes, Jim, there IS intelligent life in the universe.

As for what's getting ripped off: photos, posts, graphics, articles, entire freaking books (wait for Elena's post), audio files, our identities... you name it; it's showing up (usually on sites with not-so-great English).


If you haven't started already, keep a dossier on all the sites you grant interviews too, etc, and a copy of the written agreements made with them about what they use and how. That might become important in a legal situation that needs to backtrack links on claimed infringed content and where it came from.

Likewise, keep a record on all the sites that you did not give rights to, and bring the hammer down on them before it gets further out of control.

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