My Asus Zenpad 8 just crashed... again.

But it's for the last time! It's buggy wi-fi took out an hour of writing in a random reboot (crash) and then, I don't know what came over me, but it crashed again... into the wall!!! I figure it was doing about 60 when it hit.

Holy crap, these things really ARE made of glass! And there really IS a liquid component to LCD.

Krikey, despite the damage to the wall, that felt absolutely great!

Obviously, I'll never buy Asus again!


I did the same thing with my Google Nexus 7 a few years back. The first and last Goog/Android device I ever bought. And yes, it felt absolutely great. The brick device said hello to the brick wall.

@wion At least it was brick and not drywall! 🤣

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