My mom just asked: ❓

What is Mastodon? 🐘

I just answered: πŸ“£

Mastodon is like Twitter but not owned by anyone. It's social media for cretins, like me, who don't like media manipulation, invasion of privacy, aggressive marketing, and insane narcissism. Really, it's social media for the un-trendy. πŸ€“

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@meg How did she react? Did she have follow-up questions? Is she a twitterpater who might tip a toe into the Fediverse?

@wordsmith Sadly no.... good ol' maw is pretty stuck in her ways. Either that, or she's just way too cool for the likes of us fediversers.

@meg As an 80s kid (with older parents) it seems crazy to me that someone's parent has used twitter for so long that they're stuck to it.

@wordsmith tell me about it! If it doesn't come pre-installed my mom ain't gonna use it. Lord knows, I've tried... how I have tried. 😫

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