@lenna well said!

And you know it breaks my heart that I ever believed in my country and trusted it with your life and dignity.

I am so sorry, my love. If I had known, if I hadn't been so stupidly blinded by the marketing, we never would have fought like hell to demean all we found dear & right & beautiful.

All we wanted was to be together, & I convinced you to believe in a dream that was a lie. I feel complicit in crushing your innocent trust.

I am so sorry. I love you... always,


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Nobody said life would be easy no matter what turn you take. I was and am with you, Meg, and that's all that matters to me. That and being true to myself and following my heart. Despite everything unfortunate that happened to you and I over the last years, I am having one heck of an adventure that back then, in Russia, I could have only dreamed of. I do not regret leaping off the cliff and following you into the unknown.

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