Writing while listening to music?

Does that work for you?

Do you think it affects what and how you write?

@meg sure, I rather prefer to be completely focused solely on writing, since music can distract you. However, sometimes just controlling the volume can allow you to enjoy both pleasures at the same time.

@meg It depends. When I'm feeling inspired I prefer silence because then it's easier to transfer my thoughts to a medium. Music can help with streamlining my thinking if I can't focus, but then I often lose specific details because it funnels my thoughts so effectively.

@meg It...sometimes works for me. I find that if I have music on when "free writing" my writing is deeply involved in the music, and steered by the music.

On the other hand, if I am trying to better understand a character I try to find music they would like and listen to that, to get into their mindset.

@nate I totally 'get' that. I've used background meditation music to focus, or fast trance to quicken the pace of dialogue. Mostly, I write in silence and distraction free as possible.

Never thought of specific types of music, or a character's preferences, for shaping and understanding that character. Interesting idea.

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