Hey web geeks! 🤓

Thoughts on CMS's?

I'm tasked with consolidating a non-blog WP site. Thinking, Get Simple's a cool option.

Others l might look at for an easy switch? Ooooh, yeah. I like flat-file storage.


@meg If you're comfortable with writing HTML, CSS, and Liquid templates (similar to Twig, Mustache, Handlebars) and have an idea of your content structure and hierarchy, I'd recommend Jekyll. It's what I use for; it's a flat-file-based static site generator that ingests YAML-prefaced Markdown/HTML files as a source of content.

@meg But if you want a GUI, I don't recommend Jekyll. And I have little idea of how to make it work in a multiuser environment that doesn't require either shared access to a single filesystem or a version control system like Github Pages uses. (An example multiauthor Jekyll site is and the source is

@ontploffing great, I like the sound of it. I'm not a huge GUI fan but it won't be me doing the maintenance, so I need something I can hand off without getting death threats.

@ontploffing @meg I second the notion of static site generators and use them a lot myself. After I fought with Jekyll and its Ruby dependency hell for a long time, though, I switched to Hugo, and I am much happier with it.

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