My partner & I have been accused of being anti LGBT by an editor at Amazon (one of their publishing branches)


1/ we don't wave the flag
2/ we don't see our story as LGBT
3/ we don't accept special treatment
4/ we don't see ourselves as lessor or greater than any other person
5/ we don't accept labels for us or anyone
6/ we don't want to be married or care that our love & relationship is condoned by the state, or church or whatever
7/ we don't have or want sex!

We just LOVE each other

@meg It seems like you two don't want the spotlight on you guys + your relationship. That's not anti-LGBT, that's anti-publicity.

@mara_cav_ right, what we've done we has as much to do with LGBT rights as Thelma and Louise did. Of course, Amazon needs a market niche & genra to slot this story into and LGBT is hot (publicity), and personal liberation, and adventure isn't... I guess. What do I know?

But lordy, slotting a story on the sexual orientation of its participants, is like slotting a story as left handed, or blue eyed, or bald headed based on physical traits of its characters.


Even thought it's messed up, I can see why they'd want to focus on that aspect. Being candid about who you are is "in" right now. They want to capitalize on that while they can, at least that's how I see it.

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