Linux peeps!

My laptop gets hot enough to griddle cakes on, running cinnamon. I think it's actually the hard drive!?!?

What gives? Any ideas.

In windows, it's cool as a cucumber.

@meg Unlikely the hard drive as, although they can get hot, they rarely make the machine seem roasting hot, and would likely affect Windows as well. Sounds more like something is busy on the Cinnamon side. If you run the command "top" in a Terminal does it show any obvious contenders hogging the CPU?

@wordsmith did top... Ironically cinnamon and xorg compete for top spot. Gpu is steady at 65c. 8 core cpu, none of them terribly busy.

@meg Could be an outdated driver that's misbehaving; if any are offered by Software Updates or Driver Manager that might help. Does the laptop still run hot when you are logged out?

@wordsmith good point, without x it behaves... I'm using the proprietary Nvidia gfx driver, maybe I'll try the open source alt, see what happens.

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