OCEANIS - the latest chapter of CONVERGENCE is now live and kicking on


It's a total bummer to give away spoilers, but it's a bit of a riot when a couple of pie-eyed woman walk into a brokerage, looking to buy a yacht that can get them to the other side of the world.

Now imagine this scene taking place in a devoutly Muslim country! Ahhh, good times, good times...

A Piece of Cake -- a new chapter of CONVERGENCE has just gone live, on


Don't worry, this cake isn't fattening!

We've become a six minute segment on Russia24 -- Russia's state broadcaster.

Can't buy publicity like this! We even have Putin's attention. I wonder if he'll be reading my books. I wonder if he'll write a review?


"Into the Arabian Night," a new chapter of CONVERGENCE elenameg.com/convergence/ is now live.

Complete with glorious, full color photos!

And it's freaking hilarious. Then again, it didn't seem so at the time, but hindsight is always rib tickling, right?

Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport on Google satellite maps shows something absurd on the zoom-in.

I just have to share this screenshot. Can you imagine what is being said on that taxiway?

Is this some sort of shoving match? A game of chicken? A bit of a ground control brain fart? A "you just know your flight is going to be late when..." moment?

New chapter up on CONVERGENCE. Calling it, "Cut to the Chase" -- describes Elena @lenna taking the lead, and putting a scam artist to task in Odessa, Ukraine.


Another few steps in the crazy, year-long adventure, and run-for-our lives to stay together... and NOT dead.

Oh, and it has PICTURES, for the illiterate.

Here's one now! Ooo pretty...


I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom on elenameg.com/convergence/

Chapter 20: EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE is about Elena standing up to her mother, and several crazy, desperate, long-shot hijinks to stay together, get out of Ukraine and find a way home.

I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom on elenameg.com/convergence/

Chapter 19: OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD is about a hilarious and horrifying encounter with the Russian Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine.

Read it at your own peril!

I've just posted a new chapter! 18: CHASING WILD GEESE on CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom

Read it here: elenameg.com/convergence/

Hitting the Open Road,

Chapter 17 of CONVERGENCE: A True Story of Love, Survival and Freedom

Is now live on:


PS: if you want to read beyond the free part of this serialized publication, but can't afford the $5 for access, or you're afraid to use paypal (hey, I don't blame you!), let me know, and I'll point you toward a top secret, complimentary sign-up page.

I've generated another debriefing report for


A web presentation about

Taking back our lives!


Zillions of thrilling adventure pics, so you don't have to go to all that trouble of actually reading anything ;-)

The world's most dangerous interviewer does it again!

Here's a hilarious, no holds barred, irreverent, interview with li'l ol' me!

Consider this fair warning: you might just puncture a lung, laughing yourself to hysterics.

Be careful, it bites!

It's free, and available here for download smashwords.com/books/view/7298


After surviving our escape from Russia by sailboat, and then enduring the ramifications of what we had done, Elena compiled an interview she did with me, about personal freedom, into book form.

It's free, and available here for download smashwords.com/books/view/7252


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