CONVERGENCE - Chapter 30 - Going Overboard - is now live!

Looks like the all new -- never seen before, by human eyes -- content starts going live tomorrow!

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 29 - Tomorrow You Die!

Is up now!

CW: Potty mouthed language and yachting references

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 28 - The Twilight Zone... is up!

CW - bad words & non-traditional sexual orientation - Oooo, save me now!


Today is 2-for-1 chapter day! Yay 🎉

Yesterday's and today's chapter releases are now live!

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 13

Busting Loose

is now, up there!

I am amazed at how much extra verbiage can be cut during the editing process, and what a better work it becomes as a result.

It's a good thing there is a geographic separation between me and my editor... reduces the bloodshed!

CONVERGENCE - Under Attack

Today's chapter release is up on:

New cover - this time Elena did it! What do you think?

Opinion Please

Of these two covers, which do you prefer?


Just got the artist's proof of our new cover.

Krikey! This is exciting!


Chapter 6 is off the lease and running wild!

Here's a wee update for you: a good 20% of the verbiage (word count) is falling to my editor's sharp scissors. Frankly, it's blowing my mind, how much better a book that's making it.

Not long before the brand-new material starts going live.


Chapter 2 - in final draft (NOT a screenwriting program format), as in "done," just got posted.

Posting a new chapter a day until the whole book is online. 2 chapters there now, 43 to go!

If you've read the first 30 chapters, you might want to read em again. They are totally new beasts!

Tomorrow You Die!

The latest, and long awaited, chapter of CONVERGENCE is live, with pictures and everything!

Read it. Go on... I dare ya!

THE TWILIGHT ZONE - is the latest chapter of CONVERGENCE, and it's up there WITH pictures now.

I know, I promised you a chapter called "Tomorrow You Die" but, by krikey, it would have ended up being way too long. However, this chapter, describing events leading up to the ominous TYD chapter (which really is next!) are just as important: some funny, some heartbreaking.

Eh hem... to those parties expecting us to be ALWAYS online:

Yes, we really ARE on a tropical island in the Caribbean. And yes, we really ARE country hopping to stay together. And no, USA & Canada won't let Elena in with me, and Russia won't let me in with Elena... so, technically, we ARE having one heck of a great adventure!

That doesn't ALWAYS guarantee 4g connectivity.


The next chapter of CONVERGENCE is out there.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back online...

I know, I promised you the thrilling "Tomorrow You Die!" chapter, but krikey, it was getting too long. So, the thrills and chills wait for the next installment. Meantime, you can bust a gut finding out what it takes to float your boat when you're left high and dry in the Eastern Med.

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