I am sooooo confused!

And if we gotta use Kyiv instead of Kiev, then why do we say instead of ?

Another reason I Ruby on Rail(s) against the file formats:

You can't have a table of contents/navigation like this!


Why you won't find CONVERGENCE on any online ebook bookstore.

And why we're going back to grassroots Internet and data ownership.

Way more info in this blog post: elenameg.com/blog/posts/no-kin

CONVERGENCE is out there!

The whole dang shebang, AND it's NOT behind a paywall. Download the epub, then, if you haven't already done so, pay for it.

Point I'm making here, folks, is that it is free to download. Don't need to pay, if don't want to, or can't, or have already done so.



Our legal counsel informed us that, except for what is already online, I can only distribute this work through a publisher. It should be available within the next couple of weeks.

If you bought a membership, donated money, or love our story so much that you can't live without it -- and can't afford, or don't want to, pay for it -- I am happy to provide a free copy upon request, after publication.

MORE: elenameg.com/story/books/conve

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 33

Open Water

has just been posted on


There are NO photos. I'll get them up when time and more importantly, bandwidth, allows. We're on the bloody run again!

Here's the announcement:


CONVERGENCE - Chapter 30 - Going Overboard - is now live!


Looks like the all new -- never seen before, by human eyes -- content starts going live tomorrow!

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 29 - Tomorrow You Die!

Is up now!

CW: Potty mouthed language and yachting references


CONVERGENCE - Chapter 28 - The Twilight Zone... is up!

CW - bad words & non-traditional sexual orientation - Oooo, save me now!



Today is 2-for-1 chapter day! Yay 🎉

Yesterday's and today's chapter releases are now live!


CONVERGENCE - Chapter 13

Busting Loose

is now, up there!


I am amazed at how much extra verbiage can be cut during the editing process, and what a better work it becomes as a result.

It's a good thing there is a geographic separation between me and my editor... reduces the bloodshed!

CONVERGENCE - Under Attack

Today's chapter release is up on:


New cover - this time Elena did it! What do you think?

Opinion Please

Of these two covers, which do you prefer?


Just got the artist's proof of our new cover.

Krikey! This is exciting!

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