@mara_cav_ poor Mara, you post from your heart and nobody responds. Why keep trying? Would it be any different on Twitter? I'm too lazy for social media, but I admire your spirit. Keep posting, I'm reading.

@InBabel it was in a thread you started about a bookstore, off the top of my head. Someone used it, not necessarily you. Please don't take offense. I'm just trying to keep up.

@InBabel wow, thanks for the info. I knew none of that.

It's our 14th anniversary! Yay to us!

14 years ago, on this day, Elena and I met in Kyiv, Ukraine. The governments of Canada and Russia and our bio-families have tried to keep us apart the whole time, but we're still together!

We're living in exile and we're still on the run, but we're free, we're unbroken, and we've taken back our lives!

Love always triumphs!


@InBabel I don't know, but I would like to: why is JK Rowling still or ever been a bigot? Oh yeah, and something else came up in your following toots, the term 'terfs' - never seen that either, is it a gang territory reference?

@kdswenson hilarious! Kind of like a yacht club in Marina Del Ray that bills itself as "A drinking club with a yachting problem."

Let's see what happens when I link a vimeo video Elena and I did:

If you watch it, just remember, the taiko drums in the end were my idea!


@mara_cav_ Be honest and straightforward, in a clear voice say what you think is inappropriate and/or doesn't work for you. Oh and have your phone in your pocket accidentally recording the convo. If the manager reacts with anything but an apology and a promise to consider and act on your request, go above his/her head.

Need an editor? Install one!

I have never found more mistakes, rough spots, typos in my life and so freaking fast it ought to be illegal: My secret...

Go through your stuff with a text to speech TTS program/engine of your choice. Read along with it while it reads your stuff to you.

Works for me, like a charm 🍀

Holy freaking carp! 🐟

Amazon files the under nonfiction

@kdswenson yeah, but that's like wishing you had a mental disease or were non-sentient just to avoid reality. I know what you mean, though. So much easier to just give up and disown your existence. For that there's various recreational chemical solutions, at least it ain't one way trip into insanity.

CW: Rant 😡

Amazon! Lordy, lordy, loooo... Downloaded my 'free' pick out of a handful of pre release choices. The reviews were stupid, irrelevant, petty (oh no, bad words!), full of spoilers. The book, on the other hand, is pretty good. I hate to imagine how the writer feels, seeing those idiotic reviews.

I'm just as decided not to distro my stuff as anything but html off my own domain. The biz looks more like narcissistic social media than story telling, IMHO.

What should a book editor (human not app) cost for 100,000 words?

Anybody have experience buying a Kirkus Review? Love to know how it turned out.

Desperate market exploit, or something useful to writers?

Let me know, thanks


I am sooooo confused!

And if we gotta use Kyiv instead of Kiev, then why do we say instead of ?

@acdw settle? You mean like rubble... I find the more expensive the scotch, the easier it settles! There's nothing wrong with drinking, as long as it's the good stuff.

Another reason I Ruby on Rail(s) against the file formats:

You can't have a table of contents/navigation like this!


Cuz are such an anathema, I am presenting & distributing our story, CONVERGENCE online from our site. ONLY

I'm not interested in selling books, I want to tell our story.

are bollocks because you can't put in a zillion pics. Coffee table books are equally so, in that you have to have a coffee table and a lot of money for the dang book.

Best distro for this work, Ta-DA! online

I'm formatting pics and getting em online to beat the band!

Eyeball em at elenameg.com/story/books/conve

suck! 📖
sucks! 💾

Telling someone you have written a book🤮 is like telling em you sell Avon, 💅🤬💩 or showing up at the front door to talk about god.🎎🖕🙏

Best way to get uninvited from all the coolest parties!🎺🎸🎷😎

Just don't do it. ⛔☢️🚫☣️


I am NOT providing ebook files. ONLY html (online, in your browser like a webpage). You can ONLY read Convergence online. You do NOT have to pay to read it. The PAY FOR CONVERGENCE button does NOT provide a copy of the book, it simply allows you to make a voluntary payment (honor system) should you want to.

If you have paid in error, (expecting a file download) please email, so we can refund your money.

Apologies & Thanks,
Meg Stone

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