@matt Right. Lived in N Palm Beach, a while. It's nothing like the jungle... It's hotter!

@matt What tropics? I'm less than 10 degrees from the equator, in the jungle, and haven't seen anything that looks like a chair-lift (like in your photo). I know what you mean about morning light and smell, though.

@mara_cav_ I kinda like your ramblings. It's sort of like vicariously getting it out of my own system. It's easy to see what's "random crap, memes and 'shower thoughts' (love that description!) and skip it, if I want.

OTOH, you run the risk of getting blocked, ignored, by those that don't want the home instance flying by at light-speed.

I seem to follow you, maybe make your ramblings just for your groupies?

@wordsmith good point, without x it behaves... I'm using the proprietary Nvidia gfx driver, maybe I'll try the open source alt, see what happens.

@wordsmith did top... Ironically cinnamon and xorg compete for top spot. Gpu is steady at 65c. 8 core cpu, none of them terribly busy.

Linux peeps!

My laptop gets hot enough to griddle cakes on, running cinnamon. I think it's actually the hard drive!?!?

What gives? Any ideas.

In windows, it's cool as a cucumber.

I'm all tored up inside!

What does one do if, let's just say, one reads a writer's heartfelt, online offering, and it just isn't that good?

Does one say something?

Hey! Know those "TWEET" button scripts you can add to a web page or a blog post...

Is there anything like that for Mastodon?

@mara_cav_ wow... disturbing. Actually, really hard to read. First off, that you can be that frank with something so deeply personal. Second, it had me afraid to keep reading, afraid of what it forces me to look at in myself. I'm sure that's what it does for other readers. I'm guessing that was your intent, more so than personal catharsis. If so, you achieved it in this reader.

@mara_cav_ right, what we've done we has as much to do with LGBT rights as Thelma and Louise did. Of course, Amazon needs a market niche & genra to slot this story into and LGBT is hot (publicity), and personal liberation, and adventure isn't... I guess. What do I know?

But lordy, slotting a story on the sexual orientation of its participants, is like slotting a story as left handed, or blue eyed, or bald headed based on physical traits of its characters.

My partner & I have been accused of being anti LGBT by an editor at Amazon (one of their publishing branches)


1/ we don't wave the flag
2/ we don't see our story as LGBT
3/ we don't accept special treatment
4/ we don't see ourselves as lessor or greater than any other person
5/ we don't accept labels for us or anyone
6/ we don't want to be married or care that our love & relationship is condoned by the state, or church or whatever
7/ we don't have or want sex!

We just LOVE each other

@ontploffing great, I like the sound of it. I'm not a huge GUI fan but it won't be me doing the maintenance, so I need something I can hand off without getting death threats.

Hey web geeks! 🤓

Thoughts on CMS's?

I'm tasked with consolidating a non-blog WP site. Thinking, Get Simple's a cool option.

Others l might look at for an easy switch? Ooooh, yeah. I like flat-file storage.


@wordsmith thanks for that small story. I'm stuck behind a monitor today, and that was a nice break for me. Great pic too.

@ontploffing these sites are definitely not USA based.

Like anything online, a bunch of idiots trying to generate ad revenue, copying anything they can to use as content.

Legal problems are solved!

Actually we never had any, but felt we ought to play it safe… and lawyers have to make car payments too, you know.

CONVERGENCE is coming back, just as soon as we fix the holes in the screen door that's been letting all the parasites in!

Another problem: stuff shamelessly ripped off— and showing up on crappy blogs full of ads.

Thinking of a simple password, free for the asking. Maybe post it here on Mastodon.

Your thoughts?


@nate I totally 'get' that. I've used background meditation music to focus, or fast trance to quicken the pace of dialogue. Mostly, I write in silence and distraction free as possible.

Never thought of specific types of music, or a character's preferences, for shaping and understanding that character. Interesting idea.

Writing while listening to music?

Does that work for you?

Do you think it affects what and how you write?

@lowbrow a self published series by a guy called William Hertling, called THE SINGULARITY SERIES kinda blew my mind. It's about AI as it's used in email and social media. Starts off charmingly amateur but Hertling eventually finds his stride and comes up with a remarkable series.

That's my vote for ya!

If you think Key West is the end of the road, you haven't seen the Caribbean!

From a writer's POV, the skin-crawlingest, true stories are bottomless in this asylum. This is where the Amer-Can trash: cruisers-losers-boozers-abusers, drink out their dwindling, delusional, depraved, freak show lives.

Let's just say, it's a freaking gold-mine for a writer!

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