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@wordsmith thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to figure out social media, let alone Mastodon.

One of those test posts was supposed to be for everyone to see, the other, I was hoping would be for the writing exchange instance only, but not just followers and those looking at my profile.

I appreciate you letting me know.


Kind of figuring this post visibility thing out. Almost like file permissions. So this SHOULD be visible to the instance, but NOT the entire fediverse. So like rw- r-- --- or 640 (if you know what that means, maybe you should get out more ;-))

Have I got that right?

Elena and I are bandwidth challenged, focussed on adventure, writing & survival, & often interfaced via a manager... Thus, followers are manually approved when time allows.

@Guywire A markdown editor is a very basic text editor known and loved by coder geeks and writers interested in low overhead.

Glad to see you got Mastodon figured out!

We're bandwidth challenged, so it suits us great. Oh yeah, our e-mail goes through a third party, just so you know.

@lenna is, indeed, my partner and the Elena part of Elena & Meg.

I was trying to do something like a retweet using that boost feature. I was bollucks at twitter, and I obviously have a lot to learn about Mastodon.

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Hello, comrades in I am Meg's partner, Elena. My native language is Russian, so I write mostly in Russian and only short pieces in English. Years of travel and discoveries, since our planet crossing escape from Russia, prompted me to observe the world, to truly live, and to write.

Here, I would like to find like-minded, liberated people.

Anybody know of an editor with an integrated spell checker that works with an external keyboard?

My laptop was destroyed crossing the gulf stream & I've been trying to write with a tablet and external BT keyboard.

@thoughtcrime Hi Maritrini, we never thought of ourselves as political refugees, but we had to run from the former USSR because we wanted to be together. Elena's family was ready to kill her for that, and the officials and police were on their side.

@wion Thanks, and we intend to, just as soon as we're up to speed on Mastodon! It's pretty cool to be here, though.

@SeventhMagpie Elena's right here now, too: @lenna we've been taking some time and doing our best to get up to speed on Mastodon.

I'm Meg, 1/2 of the default-adventurer duo "Elena and Meg"-Think Thelma & Louise, but non-fiction. We ran for our lives, freedom, & love. Reader's Digest version: We escaped from Russia by sailboat, unsupported & with no right to land. In the ensuing years, Elena & I have been trying to set the record straight by writing about our crazy adventure, ourselves. Me (that's Meg) in English, and Elena in Russian.

I look forward to being a part of this writing community!

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