CONVERGENCE - Chapter 30 - Going Overboard - is now live!

Looks like the all new -- never seen before, by human eyes -- content starts going live tomorrow!

@ox Like reading War and Peace, only way to get through it is with physical notecards.

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 29 - Tomorrow You Die!

Is up now!

CW: Potty mouthed language and yachting references

@jakelacaze Totally! That .73 percent is a little bit anomalous though. And come to think of it, having any actual investing experience probably precludes you from writing an investment guide.

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 28 - The Twilight Zone... is up!

CW - bad words & non-traditional sexual orientation - Oooo, save me now!


Today is 2-for-1 chapter day! Yay 🎉

Yesterday's and today's chapter releases are now live!

Coding Witch Journey 



Cloud backup wiped out today's chapter...

Oh well, as they say, everything time you re-write something it gets better. Yay! I love these wonderful opportunities for self improvement.

Suffered a data loss. Nothing to post today. I'll pull an all-nighter and get TWO chapters up tomorrow.

NEVER assume something is actually stored on the server!

Continued but morbid, suicide talk, and rambly 

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 21

Cut to the Chase

is up

These chapters are such new beasts, they are getting re-named, well that and using the titles of famous movies, didn't go over so well with the legal team! Ha


Chapter 20 is up!

Every Which Way But Loose

This one got a serious re-write and slimming down. For those of you who don't like to read, this is excellent: so many fewer words! Yay

And for the illiterate, there are pretty pictures... even a puppy doggy and a cuddly kitten.


Storming the Fortress

is up. Read it while it's hot!

BTW, the name got changed to something a little less copyright infringeful -- used to be, Off to See the Wizard

tacos! 🌮

CONVERGENCE - Chapter 18

is out there... somewhere... in the wild...

or you can find it at:

BTW - when the completely new stuff starts showing up, I "may" not be posting online (lawyer's advice). In that case I will happily email it out, on request. But we'll see when we get there.

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