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"Parallel" is my second book that tells the story of Meg's and my struggle for our love and our life. Chapter 8 has been translated from Russian into English, read it here

Crappy mobile computing devices are a writer's best friend.

I know this, because the amount of work I lose to crashes, is eyewatering. It does, however, force one to rewrite... over and over again! Each time, improving it... I hope... maybe... I don't know... but there you have it.

CONVERGENCE readers! Chapter 16
"Getting the Hell Out Of Dodge" -- photos and captions are now available on

Why should full-color, suitable for framing, awe-inspiring photographs and captions appear on the CONVERGENCE site? Cuz I resurrected my computer. Million-to-one shot, using scraps of computers past, & the mangled remains of this one.

Gets really hot & smells a lot like brimstone, but my Franken-computer goes really well with this steam punk style I'm kinda into.

We're in Bahamas (yeah, like it matters), anyway, the weather sucks.

Point is, I'm getting back up to speed after a disastrous crossing destroyed my laptop. First step was posting a milk-snorting-from-your-nose, hilarious post about the sucky weather in Bahamas (don't you just want to know it's horrible in the tropics when you are digging out in NYC?) on our blog - in the micro-post section.

@lenna broke our site. She promises to have it back online soon!

Posting here in the meantime:

CONVERGENCE readers! I've been getting material posted with an 8" android tablet. Let's just say, it's a bit like sweeping out a barn with a toothbrush! Rewrites of chapters 14 & 15 are posted along with photos and captions for chapter 15.

Kind of figuring this post visibility thing out. Almost like file permissions. So this SHOULD be visible to the instance, but NOT the entire fediverse. So like rw- r-- --- or 640 (if you know what that means, maybe you should get out more ;-))

Have I got that right?

Elena and I are bandwidth challenged, focussed on adventure, writing & survival, & often interfaced via a manager... Thus, followers are manually approved when time allows.

@lenna is, indeed, my partner and the Elena part of Elena & Meg.

I was trying to do something like a retweet using that boost feature. I was bollucks at twitter, and I obviously have a lot to learn about Mastodon.

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Hello, comrades in I am Meg's partner, Elena. My native language is Russian, so I write mostly in Russian and only short pieces in English. Years of travel and discoveries, since our planet crossing escape from Russia, prompted me to observe the world, to truly live, and to write.

Here, I would like to find like-minded, liberated people.

Anybody know of an editor with an integrated spell checker that works with an external keyboard?

My laptop was destroyed crossing the gulf stream & I've been trying to write with a tablet and external BT keyboard.

I'm Meg, 1/2 of the default-adventurer duo "Elena and Meg"-Think Thelma & Louise, but non-fiction. We ran for our lives, freedom, & love. Reader's Digest version: We escaped from Russia by sailboat, unsupported & with no right to land. In the ensuing years, Elena & I have been trying to set the record straight by writing about our crazy adventure, ourselves. Me (that's Meg) in English, and Elena in Russian.

I look forward to being a part of this writing community!

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