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So, what does one do when one finds their stuff showing up on sites that one didn't authorize? Especially when someone else is charging for their material, or using it for click-bait?

I've just posted a new chapter! 18: CHASING WILD GEESE on CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom

Read it here:

NPR re-broadcast our Snap Judgement episode, without telling us.

The spike in new CONVERGENCE (a serialized memoir of our escape from Russia) subscriptions crashed the server.

I could rant on about software, but I would rather set readers on fire to-take-back-their-lives and live-their-love (like we did, and are still doing).

To that end, I HAVE TAKEN DOWN THE PAYWALL on Convergence

To set the record straight:

In 2006, Elena and Meg: a Russian and a Canadian, sailed half the planet -- completely on their own -- to be together.

Twelve years later, Canada denied Elena citizenship and equal rights with Meg, her family.

To stay together, follow their hearts, and remain true to themselves, the castaways still sail the Earth's oceans calling <em>home,</em> not a country, but the planet.

AND yes, we really do LIVE AT SEA, and must keep moving on.

Self Promotion Storytime!

Anybody try promoting your own writing/brand on social media? I'd love to know what you did, and how it went.

You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine: a misguided experiment with Twitter's auto-promote mode. It's not for the weak of stomach. But funny, in a sick sort of way.

It takes guts to admit that you're a sucker.

Hitting the Open Road,

Chapter 17 of CONVERGENCE: A True Story of Love, Survival and Freedom

Is now live on:

PS: if you want to read beyond the free part of this serialized publication, but can't afford the $5 for access, or you're afraid to use paypal (hey, I don't blame you!), let me know, and I'll point you toward a top secret, complimentary sign-up page.

Writing - Show, don't tell

My editor told me to think like a movie. In other words, to cut anything that wouldn't make it into the final cut of a film.

Sure, I thought that was crass. Simplistic. Easy for the reader, etc. But really, what is important here, is actually making a connection with a reader. If they've dropped the call, communication has been lost.

Also, there's the movie adage: don't tell em what happened, SHOW them. Action speaks louder (and a lot faster) than words.

Lenny and me is here, at anchor in SE Bahamas, writing like mad for a deadline, waiting for the latest herd of slob-tourists (Tropico) to leave the beach before we dinghy to shore, to take some pictures. Turns out, there are several resorts in the vicinity. They are heavily serviced by opportunists in speedboats and pangas who pick up the punters, and bring them to this beach to feed the iguanas,

Never have I seen so many obese lizards, outside a Miami nightclub!

Great idea about bartering! Kinda goes with the whole writing "exchange" concept, I figure.

We've been approached by publishers (their editors), lit agents, film studios, and a passel of independent filmmakers. The indies are really the only ones we get along with. We've turned down decks and offers from three major studios, so far... They demand LGBT marketing with the obligatory 2-chicks sex branding/labeling.

We want a "Real Life, Thelma & Louise" - What we did has nothing to do with sex!

I've generated another debriefing report for


A web presentation about

Taking back our lives!

Zillions of thrilling adventure pics, so you don't have to go to all that trouble of actually reading anything ;-)

The world's most dangerous interviewer does it again!

Here's a hilarious, no holds barred, irreverent, interview with li'l ol' me!

Consider this fair warning: you might just puncture a lung, laughing yourself to hysterics.

Be careful, it bites!

It's free, and available here for download


After surviving our escape from Russia by sailboat, and then enduring the ramifications of what we had done, Elena compiled an interview she did with me, about personal freedom, into book form.

It's free, and available here for download


I'd love to know about others' experiences selling/giving-away their writing.

I met a full time novelist by being the first to review one of his books. He told me this:

...maybe a dozen people read XXXXXX after a year's worth of marketing effort trying to give the book away for free.

re: Audiobook – After 6 months of effort, paying actors for their services, I think I managed to sell (1) audiobook. Nope, not going there again.

Crappy mobile computing devices are a writer's best friend.

I know this, because the amount of work I lose to crashes, is eyewatering. It does, however, force one to rewrite... over and over again! Each time, improving it... I hope... maybe... I don't know... but there you have it.

CONVERGENCE readers! Chapter 16
"Getting the Hell Out Of Dodge" -- photos and captions are now available on

Why should full-color, suitable for framing, awe-inspiring photographs and captions appear on the CONVERGENCE site? Cuz I resurrected my computer. Million-to-one shot, using scraps of computers past, & the mangled remains of this one.

Gets really hot & smells a lot like brimstone, but my Franken-computer goes really well with this steam punk style I'm kinda into.

We're in Bahamas (yeah, like it matters), anyway, the weather sucks.

Point is, I'm getting back up to speed after a disastrous crossing destroyed my laptop. First step was posting a milk-snorting-from-your-nose, hilarious post about the sucky weather in Bahamas (don't you just want to know it's horrible in the tropics when you are digging out in NYC?) on our blog - in the micro-post section.

@lenna broke our site. She promises to have it back online soon!

Posting here in the meantime:

CONVERGENCE readers! I've been getting material posted with an 8" android tablet. Let's just say, it's a bit like sweeping out a barn with a toothbrush! Rewrites of chapters 14 & 15 are posted along with photos and captions for chapter 15.

Kind of figuring this post visibility thing out. Almost like file permissions. So this SHOULD be visible to the instance, but NOT the entire fediverse. So like rw- r-- --- or 640 (if you know what that means, maybe you should get out more ;-))

Have I got that right?

Elena and I are bandwidth challenged, focussed on adventure, writing & survival, & often interfaced via a manager... Thus, followers are manually approved when time allows.

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