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World's most misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, red-neck scary-ass marina on the planet:

Red Frog Beach Resort Marina in Bocas del Toro, Panama

CONVERGENCE chapter 22 - Flying the Coop, is up on

Suffice it to say, we've crossed the Caribbean & Lenny, that's @lenna & I are already feeling a little edgy about being stuck in paradise. It was a close call, and took a lot of palm greasing, but they didn't send us back to sea.

Geo hint: We're where most of the Russian version of SURVIVOR (AKA The Last Hero) was filmed.

Both @lenna & I have become extremely Internet access challenged. Something to do with being at sea and trying to get to someplace that will let us land. for more info

Rest assured, we'll be posting chapters-galore when we're in from the sea.

Has your book (Intellectual Property) been stolen?

@lenna Elena (that life partner of mine) fought back against bookmate(dot)com in Russia and won!

I am SO proud of the little Dickens! Multiple, threatening letters, and finally the words lawyer and lawsuit did the trick. Of course, the bookmate suka (in Russia) said they were under NO OBLIGATION to take it down, because one of their subscribers uploaded it, but would do so anyway cuz they are so kindhearted.

New chapter up on CONVERGENCE. Calling it, "Cut to the Chase" -- describes Elena @lenna taking the lead, and putting a scam artist to task in Odessa, Ukraine.

Another few steps in the crazy, year-long adventure, and run-for-our lives to stay together... and NOT dead.

Oh, and it has PICTURES, for the illiterate.

Here's one now! Ooo pretty...

We're programmed to think we are part of a community, that we have friends, family, or that anybody actually cares about us. In reality, we're alone & terrified of acknowledging our lack of value to others, who are in exactly the same situation. We take up space, we consume, & we cycle through consumables & services to keep an economy ticking over: like intestinal bacteria to the host organism. That's all we are. In the end, the only thing that matters is how we have experienced our lives.

One of my badly behaved,, fictional characters just said this! How dare she?!

When it comes right down to it, you are the only one who can save yourself. Nobody else cares in the slightest, what happens to you!


I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom on

Chapter 20: EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE is about Elena standing up to her mother, and several crazy, desperate, long-shot hijinks to stay together, get out of Ukraine and find a way home.

This post should be read with a proper, English accent.

Make no mistake about it! Just because I am posting CONVERGENCE chapters, to beat the band. Infers, in no way whatsoever, that we are safe, on land, being proper, and in our place.

No, no, no, and noooo! Our next breaths could be seawater, our next heartbeats our last. This is life, this is adventure, and this is what it takes to be together.

I've just posted a new chapter of CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom on

Chapter 19: OFF TO SEE THE WIZARD is about a hilarious and horrifying encounter with the Russian Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine.

Read it at your own peril!

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My experience with Bookmate. I was approached by a woman who said she works for Bookmate and suggested I place my book onto their site. I looked into the possibility and refused. Some time later I discovered my book on bookmate website. Complaint to that woman and writing to their department that deals with copyright infringements didn't produce any result. The book is still there.

Excellent advice, everyone!

Wow, let's just say, "The fediverse isn't typical social media" -- and yes, Jim, there IS intelligent life in the universe.

As for what's getting ripped off: photos, posts, graphics, articles, entire freaking books (wait for Elena's post), audio files, our identities... you name it; it's showing up (usually on sites with not-so-great English).

So, what does one do when one finds their stuff showing up on sites that one didn't authorize? Especially when someone else is charging for their material, or using it for click-bait?

I've just posted a new chapter! 18: CHASING WILD GEESE on CONVERGENCE: Our True Story of Love, Survival and Finding Freedom

Read it here:

NPR re-broadcast our Snap Judgement episode, without telling us.

The spike in new CONVERGENCE (a serialized memoir of our escape from Russia) subscriptions crashed the server.

I could rant on about software, but I would rather set readers on fire to-take-back-their-lives and live-their-love (like we did, and are still doing).

To that end, I HAVE TAKEN DOWN THE PAYWALL on Convergence

To set the record straight:

In 2006, Elena and Meg: a Russian and a Canadian, sailed half the planet -- completely on their own -- to be together.

Twelve years later, Canada denied Elena citizenship and equal rights with Meg, her family.

To stay together, follow their hearts, and remain true to themselves, the castaways still sail the Earth's oceans calling <em>home,</em> not a country, but the planet.

AND yes, we really do LIVE AT SEA, and must keep moving on.

Self Promotion Storytime!

Anybody try promoting your own writing/brand on social media? I'd love to know what you did, and how it went.

You tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine: a misguided experiment with Twitter's auto-promote mode. It's not for the weak of stomach. But funny, in a sick sort of way.

It takes guts to admit that you're a sucker.

Hitting the Open Road,

Chapter 17 of CONVERGENCE: A True Story of Love, Survival and Freedom

Is now live on:

PS: if you want to read beyond the free part of this serialized publication, but can't afford the $5 for access, or you're afraid to use paypal (hey, I don't blame you!), let me know, and I'll point you toward a top secret, complimentary sign-up page.

Writing - Show, don't tell

My editor told me to think like a movie. In other words, to cut anything that wouldn't make it into the final cut of a film.

Sure, I thought that was crass. Simplistic. Easy for the reader, etc. But really, what is important here, is actually making a connection with a reader. If they've dropped the call, communication has been lost.

Also, there's the movie adage: don't tell em what happened, SHOW them. Action speaks louder (and a lot faster) than words.

Lenny and me is here, at anchor in SE Bahamas, writing like mad for a deadline, waiting for the latest herd of slob-tourists (Tropico) to leave the beach before we dinghy to shore, to take some pictures. Turns out, there are several resorts in the vicinity. They are heavily serviced by opportunists in speedboats and pangas who pick up the punters, and bring them to this beach to feed the iguanas,

Never have I seen so many obese lizards, outside a Miami nightclub!

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