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We got screwed by a paparazzi we thought was a friend 😮

Elena and I don't know, for how many more years we can go on without a country to call home.

We are thinking Russia 🇷🇺 is the only place for us, if Pres Putin would let us in.

We are so very lonely and tired.

KFC has come up with a new menu item:


🐓 It's full of right wings, red necks, and assholes! 🐓

THE TWILIGHT ZONE - is the latest chapter of CONVERGENCE, and it's up there WITH pictures now.

I know, I promised you a chapter called "Tomorrow You Die" but, by krikey, it would have ended up being way too long. However, this chapter, describing events leading up to the ominous TYD chapter (which really is next!) are just as important: some funny, some heartbreaking.

Eh hem... to those parties expecting us to be ALWAYS online:

Yes, we really ARE on a tropical island in the Caribbean. And yes, we really ARE country hopping to stay together. And no, USA & Canada won't let Elena in with me, and Russia won't let me in with Elena... so, technically, we ARE having one heck of a great adventure!

That doesn't ALWAYS guarantee 4g connectivity.


The next chapter of CONVERGENCE is out there.

And just when you thought it was safe to go back online...

I know, I promised you the thrilling "Tomorrow You Die!" chapter, but krikey, it was getting too long. So, the thrills and chills wait for the next installment. Meantime, you can bust a gut finding out what it takes to float your boat when you're left high and dry in the Eastern Med.

TRIAL BY SEA -- The next chapter of CONVERGENCE is now available on

First time Elena had ever been on a sailboat is when we went out for a test drive in it. Damn near ended Elena's sailing days, then and there. Wait until you meet the skipper we hired to drive the thing. Everybody who knows French men, probably knows this guy!

OCEANIS - the latest chapter of CONVERGENCE is now live and kicking on

It's a total bummer to give away spoilers, but it's a bit of a riot when a couple of pie-eyed woman walk into a brokerage, looking to buy a yacht that can get them to the other side of the world.

Now imagine this scene taking place in a devoutly Muslim country! Ahhh, good times, good times...

A Piece of Cake -- a new chapter of CONVERGENCE has just gone live, on

Don't worry, this cake isn't fattening!

We've become a six minute segment on Russia24 -- Russia's state broadcaster.

Can't buy publicity like this! We even have Putin's attention. I wonder if he'll be reading my books. I wonder if he'll write a review?

Elena sparked a media-storm in Ukraine & Russia by responding to Ukraine's president elect's promise of citizenship to persecuted Russians.

Ukraine's president elect is surprisingly silent on this issue, (hoping it will go away?) while Putin's media-army is busy pushing Elena's request to the top of the charts. They are trying to make Ukraine eat its words by accepting a Russian (according to social media) considered less than worthless.

Here's some of the reaction:

"Into the Arabian Night," a new chapter of CONVERGENCE is now live.

Complete with glorious, full color photos!

And it's freaking hilarious. Then again, it didn't seem so at the time, but hindsight is always rib tickling, right?

Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport on Google satellite maps shows something absurd on the zoom-in.

I just have to share this screenshot. Can you imagine what is being said on that taxiway?

Is this some sort of shoving match? A game of chicken? A bit of a ground control brain fart? A "you just know your flight is going to be late when..." moment?

Ukraine's president elect, Volodymyr Zelensky, offered oppressed Russians Ukrainian citizenship.

Elena @lenna has written a plea to Zelensky and Ukraine asking for citizenship there, where we could, at least, be together in a country one of us had a right to call home.

Here is her address/plea to the president:

Here is the BBC article that explains it better than I can:

My Asus Zenpad 8 just crashed... again.

But it's for the last time! It's buggy wi-fi took out an hour of writing in a random reboot (crash) and then, I don't know what came over me, but it crashed again... into the wall!!! I figure it was doing about 60 when it hit.

Holy crap, these things really ARE made of glass! And there really IS a liquid component to LCD.

Krikey, despite the damage to the wall, that felt absolutely great!

Obviously, I'll never buy Asus again!

World's most misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, red-neck scary-ass marina on the planet:

Red Frog Beach Resort Marina in Bocas del Toro, Panama

CONVERGENCE chapter 22 - Flying the Coop, is up on

Suffice it to say, we've crossed the Caribbean & Lenny, that's @lenna & I are already feeling a little edgy about being stuck in paradise. It was a close call, and took a lot of palm greasing, but they didn't send us back to sea.

Geo hint: We're where most of the Russian version of SURVIVOR (AKA The Last Hero) was filmed.

Both @lenna & I have become extremely Internet access challenged. Something to do with being at sea and trying to get to someplace that will let us land. for more info

Rest assured, we'll be posting chapters-galore when we're in from the sea.

Has your book (Intellectual Property) been stolen?

@lenna Elena (that life partner of mine) fought back against bookmate(dot)com in Russia and won!

I am SO proud of the little Dickens! Multiple, threatening letters, and finally the words lawyer and lawsuit did the trick. Of course, the bookmate suka (in Russia) said they were under NO OBLIGATION to take it down, because one of their subscribers uploaded it, but would do so anyway cuz they are so kindhearted.

New chapter up on CONVERGENCE. Calling it, "Cut to the Chase" -- describes Elena @lenna taking the lead, and putting a scam artist to task in Odessa, Ukraine.

Another few steps in the crazy, year-long adventure, and run-for-our lives to stay together... and NOT dead.

Oh, and it has PICTURES, for the illiterate.

Here's one now! Ooo pretty...

We're programmed to think we are part of a community, that we have friends, family, or that anybody actually cares about us. In reality, we're alone & terrified of acknowledging our lack of value to others, who are in exactly the same situation. We take up space, we consume, & we cycle through consumables & services to keep an economy ticking over: like intestinal bacteria to the host organism. That's all we are. In the end, the only thing that matters is how we have experienced our lives.

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