I found adequate background music for my Little prince preface video. Should it be louder or quieter? How it get along with my voice?

As i said yesterday - here is the english version of Little prince preface. I am open for all ideas, suggestions and critic.

This is it - preface in serbian. Tommorow will be in english, because I am still not satisfied how it sound. How do You like it, my diction is it ok? Tell me everything, I am open for all ideas, suggestions and critics!

Finish recording of preface, first and second chapter of Little prince, both in serbian and english. There were some difficulties and delays of recording, because of desires of Lady of the house (my daughter). Now it's editing time. I will post sample here, so You can tell me how it sound. Personally I am satisfied with serbian version (my native language) and not so much with english version, because in my opinion sound funny.

There are few grades of expessing life, opinions and emotions for mankind. In order from the simplest to most refined :
1. Speaking/Reading
2. Writting
3. Oratory
4. Poetry/Painting/Statuary!

Your thoughts and ideas on books similar to Little prince (I also have few ideas) in terms of variety of who can read (5 - 105 years old) and it can be read again and again every 5-10 years.

Today is the day, with little luck and little will power, I will start recording Liitle prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Thank You all for suggestions and advices. Wish me Luck!

Does someone here using and/or have opininion on Minds, Rumble, D.Tube and LBRY? I will post my work on all of these platform.

Working on a small tool to generate an image from a bit of text, made especially for any WriteFreely-based blog.

Basically, you'll use this to highlight something you wrote along with your blog URL, so you can then share it to Pixelfed or Instagram.


Father of beatuful little girl. Husband of good and beatiful wife. Book reader who works in book store. Lives in Zemun in Serbia. I love to read classical and modern russian literature. Pelevin's Iphuck 10 blown me away. I tried writing, but i'm better in reading. 😂

I will try to make book reviews and audio books in chapter by chapter format in both english and serbian (my native language). I will be active here, on Minds, LBRY and D.Tube. First book will be Little Prince from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Ideas? Suggestions?

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