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(Incidentally, I keep a text file of writing prompts at all times, and I frequently update it when I see or think up anything which seems intriguing. This is the kind of stuff I write in it. It's a nice little habit, and I'd recommend it!)

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I'm setting this as a writing challenge to myself, but y'all are welcome to join in if you like. 27 prompts. Use them for flash fiction, microfiction, or whatever else you feel like. And have fun!

Plain text version of the prompts list is available here:

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Taking a look back at my last forty years and what I'm hoping for in the coming decades. 📝

Day 3/100

Writing has always been one of those things that I need to make a daily habit. If I don’t force myself to do it, I just don’t write.

Starting my with my first blog post of the year. Hopefully I can get back to a proper writing schedule as well soon.

Day 1/100

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Writing advice:

- write when you want to
- it's normal to need breaks, even long ones
- it's harder to write when you're unwell, so look after yourself
- you are doing great
- yes, I mean you who hasn't written in months/years
- the words will still be here when you get back

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Today's the day to wear cozy clothes and eat soup and not do a single thing

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Dear web developers and admins,
please stop embedding Google's hideous #ReCaptcha into your websites. Its algorithm is faulty, forcing regular users to click dozens or even hundreds of fire hydrants, bicycles, or traffic lights each day. It puts a 'suspicious activity' flag on users who won't obey to Google's business model - such as people who don't sign into Chrome, use anonymity VPNs, or use browser extensions to suppress common tracking mechanisms. Enough is enough. Stop it.

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#Okavango Delta

The rigs are being assembled, the hardware unpacked and stealthily implanted in between two #US. administrations, a bit of grand environmental larceny on a scale that one of the world’s most spectacular #wetlands does not deserve. In a time when we know that oil is creating #climate #havoc worldwide, to look for #oil even in proximity to the famed #OkavangoDelta should shame us.

#Environment #FossilFuels #Africa

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MarkText editor – nice free, open source tool

New find, a lovely MarkDown text editor. So good that I will be switching to it from my beloved blog editor.

new blog post.

Also on WriteFreely :

@matt - there's lovely Themes here, we could use some of the Dark Theme ideas for WF too. TY...

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Looks like Amazon is retiring the Goodreads API, which just another step towards basically abandoning Goodreads and folding it into some other Amazon service I guess:

My advice? Get off Goodreads while you still can (ie export your content) and move over to StoryGraph:

A black-owned startup finally developing a viable alternative to Goodreads. Fuck yeah!

(Why not LibraryThings? Because, guess what.. it’s also owned by Amazon!)

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