I'm Misha.

I'm a programmer and designer but I've got dreams of being a writer. Last year I decided to take my hobby a little more seriously and start learning.

In addition to the work I'm doing for a writing class, I have two novels in draft state, one of which I hope to have fully revised and publishable by the end of the year.

Some of my short works are here:

As far as interests, I like spooky/Halloween type stuff and I listen to a lot of metal.

@misha Hi Misha! And welcome. You Russian, by any chance?

Re: Metal -- you and me both, bro. It can't get too heavy, or too loud!

@meg I adopted this name when I was learning Russian but I am not Russian myself.

I didn't stick to learning the language so I only know a few words and how to pronounce the Cyrillic characters.

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