Hi, I'm Apple! I'm a writer trying to reach out to fellow writers, and am new to Mastodon. Anyone wanna show me the ropes of this instance?

@missmansanas I am not on that instance but am happy to help show you the ropes of the fediverse if you have any questions. Welcome!

@missmansanas Welcome! I'll probably split this into multiple toots, but I hope this helps.

This article is a good general crash course into the world of Mastodon + the Fediverse:

Pertaining more to our instance:

@matt is the admin of this instance. He is also the founder of which is a popular writing + blogging platform on the Fediverse. A few of us on here post regularly on our sites. (1/3 or 4)

@missmansanas We're a fairly slow instance compared to instances like and since we don't have as many users. But that just means less shitposting white noise.

If you want to find other writers I find searching the hashtag is helpful, along with many other writing related hashtags like and . You can do this with other hashtags + interests too. (2/3)

@missmansanas Also -- different instances have different character limits. I know here the character limit is 500. On other instances it varies. So if you see a long toot it's just that -- I couldn't wrap my head around that for a while.

That's pretty much all I have. I'm by no means an expert, but I like to be helpful. And I also think this place is a hell of a lot nicer than any other platform out there right now.

I hope you like it here. (3/3)

@mara_cav_ Oh these are so helpful, thank you! It took me a while to log in and see your replies - I get your point about how much slower it is here haha!

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