Scourged was a great ending to the Iron Druid Chronicles! Thank you!

If you'll forgive my love of crossovers,

`"May Harmony find you."


Loving Scourged. I'm following Fierce Druid around Taiwan and had to stop to hope that you had to visit there for book research.

My stories mostly take place on other worlds (I still spend far too much time there on research :) ), but I like how I feel as though I'm there with the characters. I can smell Wu Kong's tea shop.

Well done!

May the words be ever in your... savor? flavor?

Damn. Guess they're not this morning... to coffee!

Did anyone else watch the show "The Magicians" and then find disappointment from the book?

Seriously, I'm having trouble finishing the book. Just can't get excited by another long expository paragraph. Show me something!

@kevinhearne Congrats on the trip to London!

I'm so happy I get your newsletter... I like the change of title even as I'm I'm a little sad to see Oberon go. And Ashville isn't too far... I may have a mysterious illness that day and not go to work...

Remember when writing things that other people would read was approached with deliberation and care? That the words were more than words? That whole worlds could be created and shared with the right sentence?

What worlds do you help create?

What sort of life do your worlds help you perpetuate?

I am in the bliss of edits and rewrites. Oh, and I've learned two new 'revision tools.'

1. Change the gender of a minor character. Really makes you pay attention to pronouns, mannerisms (though I didn't change these at all, because they fit the character concept) and descriptions (he to she loses goatee).
2. Write a query. It took me weeks of successive queries to describe my novel in ~250 words; along the way, I discovered how I needed to make the manuscript clearer.

Does anyone else have trouble reading after learning many of the nuances of writing?

I've just noticed that I'd rather write than read most of the other writing I find out there.

When I do read it, I usually end up frowning at unnecessary filters, rolling my eyes at comma splices, and getting frustrated by repeated short, simple sentences that tell rather than show. It's 'adult' genre, why do 'adult' writers write at a 4th grade reading level?

When will whining about cliches become cliche? Hopefully soon...

A paranoid genius must sacrifice his only friend in order to receive the training needed to master his magic.


Poem: Duality of Effort

The thing won't come to me.
So I’ll never think that
trying to have it will only chase it farther away
Because, struggle means that
I can relax
I've done the work so
The thing exists.

(now read from bottom to top)

Find more at emkuriel.wordpress.com

@kevinhearne A cage match between Mike and Oberon? My little otter heart can't take it. But Mike didn't survive his mistress, so Oberon wins.

Now all we need is a match between Hermione Granger and the Fierce Druid and I can have a stroke...

Unusual poetry, reflections of life experiences, and free short stories: emkuriel.wordpress.com

Dear Write.as, can anyone spare a moment for a one question survey? I'm collecting opinions on book/series titles here: surveymonkey.com/r/N66BQMV

Saw a sign at a shop today: "Mind your own biscuits and life will be Gravy." I immediately thought of Oberon.

Also, I'm about halfway through a Plague of Giants... it's by far my favorite of your books. A Masterpiece up there with "The Name of the Wind."

A post, a poem, and the title of my next short story today...

What is vibration, really? -> emkuriel.wordpress.com/2018/02

Poem: Don't Lecture Me! -> emkuriel.wordpress.com/2018/02

And my next short story is titled: Sensing Love in ALL the Wrong Faces. - it's the short that follows "No Bloody Sanguimancer Will Ever Save the World."

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