Did anyone else watch the show "The Magicians" and then find disappointment from the book?

Seriously, I'm having trouble finishing the book. Just can't get excited by another long expository paragraph. Show me something!

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@mkuriel The other way round for me. I read The Magicians first, found it moderately compelling, and doubted whether it would translate to the screen.

If you don't like long expositions, you may be best avoiding Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy. 🤭

@storm I'll remember that.

The book is compelling at times... it just reads to me as though Lev Grossman dumped all his research and backstory into a book and didn't bother to edit it down to what was neeed for the story.

In that regard, the show is far more compelling. The characters are also more interesting, though the fascination with sex got boring fast (maybe I'm just getting old).

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